Three of the very best in hand luggage

Before you go out and buy some hand luggage, you need to work out what hand luggage is. You don’t want to, for example, buy a small suitcase by mistake, and then get told by the airline that you have to pay extra. So size, quality and durability is all-important. When it comes to size, … Read more

Three best backpacks for senior citizens

The best way for a an older person to carry items is to use a backpack, as that allows them to distribute whatever they are carrying evenly. So let’s find the best backpack for seniors out now. In general, lightweight backpacks are recommended for senior citizens, but for those more adventurous, a loaded backpack should … Read more

What to pack for a birdwatching break?

If your hobby is bird watching then why don’t you take it to another level and go on a bird watching holiday. Globally, around three million international trips are dedicated to birdwatching every year. Birdwatching tourism has been a rapidly growing market, with the largest share coming from Europe. At least 20 per cent of … Read more

Cheap September holidays and weather

September is the ninth month of the year, and the first month of autumn. Not only is it the time to sow plants, but is one of the best times to travel. Most children are back at school, the really hot temperatures have started to dip, and the price of flights abroad have started to … Read more

What to pack going on a solo holiday

There are so many different reasons why it is great to travel solo. One of them is that it broadens your horizons, forces you out of your comfort zone, gives you the opportunity to meet new people, and create nice memories. Going away is fast-become a growing popular pastime Being a female traveller you want … Read more

What do I take on a cycling holiday?

Like any holiday, if you leave your packing until the last minute, it can be a hellish nightmare to get it all together in a fraction of a second and not forget anything. So here is a cycling holiday checklist that might help you on your way. It’s just a rough guide, which means you … Read more

Why seniors should opt for a staycation

When planning a holiday, seniors have a lot more things to consider. Probably the best advice would be to holiday in your own country where things are familiar, and you can get back to base easily. With the after-effects of Covid still around and possible new variants on the horizon, not to mention the complexities … Read more