Antler Clifton Suitcase Review – packs more than you would normally expect!


Product: Antler Clifton Suitcase Review

Price: £179.10

Bargain price:

(reduced from £199.00)

Suitcase size: 121 litres with expanded packing capacity to 132 litres

(80cm x 52cm x35cm x 37cm) does not include wheels

Set of 3: £527.00 Large: £199.00 Medium: £179.00 Cabin: £149.00

Quality: Virtually unbreakable

Guarantee: 10-year warranty

My rating: 9.5 out of 10


Big, but can get bigger

When I buy a suitcase the first thing I think about is how much stuff can I squeeze into it. If I can’t close it, I sit on it, or keep jumping on it until I can lock it. Well, to my surprise, I found the Antler Clifton Large  hard shell suitcase very accommodating. Having filled it to the top, the Antler had an expandable capacity of an extra 11 litres. This meant that even though it said 121 litres on the tin, at full stretch it went up to 132 litres. Not only was I able to get that suit in but an extra pair of boxer shorts, not to mention my favourite blue and yellow socks.

How big is 120-130 litres?

If you’re wondering how much you could fit into this beige Antler Clifton Large suitcase, then consider the following: 24 shirts; two toiletry bags, six pairs of shoes, 10 trousers; and two coats. And the beauty of this lightweight suitcase, that its manufacturers say it’s virtually unbreakable, so a little hard push shouldn’t do it too much harm. In case you are worried, you can insure them for a year or more, like with most other suitcase manufacturers. I was able to cram so much into the interior pockets which have zips and the straps were able to keep everything in place. But if you still have more to put in, the Antler comes in a set of three cases – large, medium and cabin.

Looks and probably is the business

What I like about the Antler is that its stylish look makes it stand out. When you are waiting at the airport carousel, it stands out like an elegant giant, ready to be picked up and wheeled away. If I am honest, I wasn’t too keen with the beige colour when I saw it, but it did start to grow on me. If you don’t like beige, you can get the Antler in black, blue, blush, lilac, mint, navy, olive, taupe and white. With its distinct colour though, there’s no need for fancy tags or belts to make it recognizable, its majestic presence is there. If you want to be really smart you can get a set of three – small, medium and large.

The other great thing about the Antler Clifton is that it has wheels – so you can build up a speed if you are running late. It’s also easy for granddad to pull along without having to lift it and break his back. As long as you are using on flat surfaces it’s great. You might find it a bit of a problem going down steps. It’s also a bit tricky on cobbled streets, though you can get a good strong grip on the handles. Some suitcases come with flimsy locks, but this one has a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) lock which the industry says should give you peace of mind. I With it also comes instructions on how to use it, should you need it. Antler also supply you with contact details to get in touch with them.

What can you take on the plane?

The suitcase size requirement for British Airways is 90cm x 75cm x 43cm, not exceeding 32kg, otherwise an allowance needs to be paid. The Antler Clifton meets the requirements of hold luggage at 80cm x 52cm x 35cm x 37cm) does not include wheels.  All customers are permitted to carry one piece of hand luggage and one small item (handbag, laptop) on board. Hand luggage must not exceed 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, and the small item must be no bigger than 40cm x 30cm x 15cm. Both items can weight up to 23kg (litres) each. If your hand baggage exceeds the limit, it will be checked into the hold. This can be added to your checked baggage allowance. However, if it exceeds this, you will be charged the airport’s excess baggage fees. If you do opt for the Antler, you can go for a set of three suitcases – they come in large, medium and cabin size.

Good little runner

I have no complaints with my Antler Clifton as it’s a good little runner when it gets going. Compared to its competitors it is very good value for money for what it offers, which is extra space. It also looks majestic on the airport carousel so is easy to spot. The Antler is quick and easy to move. It’s only downfall is that it encourages you to pack more stuff and you could end up taking more stuff on your holiday than you need. Once it’s fully packed it can be heavy to lift up and down stairs, but that’s not down to the case but me packing too much stuff, half of which I’ll bring home not used. Otherwise, I’m not parting with my Antler Clifton.



35-40 Litres:

4 Shirts, 1 Toiletry bags, 2 Pairs of shoes, 2 Trousers, 1 Coats

70-80 Litres:

14 Shirts, 2 Toiletry bags, 4 Pairs of shoes, 4 Trousers, 1 Coat

80-100 Litres:

20 Shirts, 2 Toiletry bags, 6 Pairs of shoes, 6 Trousers, 2 Coats

100-120 Litres:

20 Shirts, 2 Toiletry bags, 6 Pairs of shoes, 6 Trousers, 2 Coats

120-130 Litres:

24 Shirts, 2 Toiletry bags, 6 Pairs of shoes, 8 Trousers,2 Coats

130-140 Litres:

30 Shirts, 2 Toiletry bags, 7 Pairs of shoes, 10 Trousers, 2 Coats


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  1. As someone who loves to travel, I am always looking for the best suitcases to travel with. I do not want to be carrying multiple luggages as they tend to get heavy. This suitcase seems like something that will make my life easier and I should definitely invest in. I will be sure to get myself one. It will help me a lot 

    • Hi Daniel. Your comments are much appreciated. I agree. There’s never enough arms to carry multiple suitcases, so this is the one. Glad to have helped you find the suitcase that meets your needs.

  2. Hey,

    It’s been a while since I’ve traveled but looking at your article about the travel case would make me want to go back.

    According to your more detailed description, it cannot fail to be a good article, even against my former Samsonite suitcase.

    Today it is important that the products are built durable and solid and this case is an example of that!

    Enjoy your travels!

    With best regards,

    • Thanks. I really appreciate your comments. Travelling to date has been in the UK, but when Covid is over, I will be venturing abroad and I know that my Samsonite will take an even greater battering..


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