Spain is one of the world’s top tourist destinations with millions of visitors

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe has to be Spain. Apart from its many sandy beaches with its turquoise crystal-clear water, it is steeped in culture, gastronomic delights, and cosmopolitan cities and villages. More than 31 million visitors travelled to Spain in 2021. Two years previously it was the second most visited … Read more

Advice on taking baby on a big holiday

Summer is on the horizon and you may be contemplating a trip abroad. But this time you will be bringing a little baby on tow, so your travel experience will be somewhat different.   In the United States of America, 62 per cent of parents take their kids under five years old on holiday.  Top … Read more

Inverness is a great holiday destination

Inverness is a city on Scotland’s north-east coast, where the River Ness meets the Moray Firth. It’s the largest city and cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands. Its Old Town features 19th-century Inverness Cathedral, the mostly 18th-century Old High Church and an indoor Victorian Market selling food, clothing and crafts. Discover Highland history The contemporary … Read more

Best big extra large holiday suitcases

There are three extra large suitcases that you may wish to consider taking with you on your next holiday. There’s no such thing as a perfect suitcase but these three have something to rave about. Is there a perfect suitcase? The Perfect Extra Large Suitcase called the Flymax, comes on four wheels and is suitable … Read more

What should I wear to the beach today?

There have been times when I have had to go back to the hotel because I forgot my beach hat. The question keeps coming up, ‘What should I wear to the beach today?’ It’s okay having an umbrella, but you can’t cart it around with you long distance – not the cumbersome one I have … Read more

Best backpacks for seniors out now

The best way for a an older person to carry items is to use a backpack, as that allows them to distribute whatever they are carrying evenly. So let’s find the best backpack for senior out now. In general, lightweight backpacks are recommended for senior citizens, but for those more adventurous, a loaded backpack should … Read more

Top three of my bucket list holidays

My top three bucket list holidays have to be Egypt, a rail trip along The Rockies in Canada and the culinary delights of Portugal. Shrouded in mystery and intrigue and home to some of the world’s most famous historical treasures, Egypt guided holidays are on most people’s must-to-do lists.  It certainly is on mine! Walk … Read more

Want to be entertained while travelling?

There comes a point when you don’t want to look out of a train window anymore, when your eyes are tired from watching a two-hour movie on a screen and your fingers are tired from flicking the next page of a book. YouTube entertainment I’ve created my own entertainment by producing YouTube videos. They are … Read more