London’s hidden treasures exposed

London is a surprisingly green city, with around 3,000 parks, hidden roads, and a vibrant network of canals, reservoirs, and riversides to explore. A city with a population of 9.6 million people within an area of 607 square miles, there’s plenty of places to see. I’ve lived there all my life, but there are vast … Read more

Where to travel on a steam train in UK

We always complain about the late running of the trains when we go to work. But when on holiday, we don’t mind how long they take, especially if we are sitting in a vintage carriage and drinking Prosecco. We are, of course, talking about those old work horses from the last century and beyond, known … Read more

Best place to visit and see Santa Claus

I guess there are two ways to get your Christmas presents. One way is to wake up on Christmas Day and see what’s under your tree.     The other way is to go to Santa Claus Village, located in Rovaniemi, Northern Finland, the official hometown of Santa Claus, and pick them up yourself. Have a … Read more

Three best places to visit in November

Going away on holiday in November might not sound like a great idea, but it’s probably one of the most affordable times, and just before Christmas when prices start to skyrocket. Not only are flights cheaper but so are hotels and other places that tourists would frequent in the peak season of travel. So here’s … Read more

Where can you find a toilet in London?

Whether you are a local or a tourist, when you have to go, you have to go. We are talking about going to the loo, the khazi, privy, crapper, WC, throne, John, and many other words. But to be on the safe side and not get caught short, always say toilet. Public toilets a rarity … Read more

Best Christmas lights around in London

If you are betting on snow this Christmas you might not be lucky. Weather forecasters are not predicting a white Christmas this year. But what’s guaranteed this year as has been for many years, is that the Christmas lights will be coming on soon. For those not familiar, Christmas lights in London, as well as … Read more

Best three Christmas markets to visit

It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas, sang American singer Perry Como and the Fontane Sisters. And it’s true. It’s the time when it’s starting to snow, the weather is getting cold, and it’s the time to pick up a few festive bargains before the big day.  Christmas markets are the place to be, … Read more

The pros and cons of a guided tour

Tourists out and about enjoying a guided tour holiday. Photo: Musa Ortaç You have been working your socks off all year and it is time for a holiday. The question now arises. Do I want to travel independently or go on a guided tour? Here are the pros and cons of going on a guided tour. … Read more