Beach Towel REVIEW: Quick-dry and multi-functional for pool and gym

IF I was sending you a postcard from a sunny beach in Miami or one from the French Riviera, I would be saying:  Having a great time and wish you were here, sitting on this beautiful beach and pool towel.

Out of the pool and feeling super cool

Once I’d finished writing my postcard and mailed it, I would be back on my dry towel, chilling out and catching the sun at the same time.

Big towel and dries quickly

Because I’m a big guy and the towel is extra large (200 x 90cm/78 x 35”) I can dry myself off quite quickly. There’s nothing more irritating when you have come out of the pool and you want to wrap yourself round a towel and it’s not big enough. This one is super big. I can then lay it down by the pool and if it’s a hot day the towel usually dries me within minutes. Apparently this one is made from a super absorbent microfibre which does the job at break-neck speed.

Ready for the next quick dip in the pool

They say that microfibre towels dry three times faster than cotton, which is great news to me, as I don’t want to be standing by the pool too long in case somebody pushes me in. Quick-dry means I can now lay on the towel and start working on my next play or novel, while the sun gives me a nice brown tan which complements the yellow stripe towel, before deciding on another quick dip.

Not too thick or thin – not too heavy to carry

The good thing about this towel is that it comes with a mat and if your partner is into pilates or yoga, you could just about get away with it, though it is a little short for skipping. Some people use the mat for physio as it is not too thick or thin.

Due to its light weight I have used the towel for travelling on holiday or just going round the corner to visit  the gym. It looks stylish and I can fold it up into a compact bag and as I’ve said, it dries quickly, and its material makes it dirt and sand free.

Comes in many colors – my favorite is yellow and purple

This towel also comes in other striped colors which include: blue, fruit, green, orange, peach, pink, purple and teal. I have to admit there are a few minor issues with this towel. It doesn’t have a hook, so you can’t hang it up when taking it to the gym. Though it doesn’t take much to sew a hook on. Because of its thinness the towel can sometimes stick on you which is a bit irritating. However it is non-slip which is good for the pool and gym. Unfortunately if I wanted to take this towel to a picnic it wouldn’t meet my requirements. A thick cotton towel would easily double up as a picnic blanket, be soft to sit on and would probably have enough space for my dog, if I had one.

For the price it is good value for money

For the money you are paying, I think on balance once you have taken the pros and cons, it is extremely good value. You could spend extra and get a traditional terry cloth towel which might feel softer, but you might find that cotton takes longer to dry. In this modern age, most people including myself would opt for the microfibre, which is a mix of polyester and another synthetic. If you look at the best 10 beach towels, you usually find that microfibre are the most popular. I’ve bought other towels in the past which have been very heavy to carry to the beach and home because they are sopping wet and take ages to dry. This one also has a stylish look to it.


STAR RATING: Five stars

PRODUCT: Keplin Large Microfibre Beach Towels for adults and kids with sunbathing mat and bag

PRICE: £13.99

SIZE: extra large (200 x 90cm/78 x 35”)

COLOR: Yellow

MATERIAL: 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide; eco-friendly, machine washable at 30°C



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12 thoughts on “Beach Towel REVIEW: Quick-dry and multi-functional for pool and gym”

  1. Having an extra large towel for the beach is awesome, so finding a towel that is actually 2 meters long, is fantastic. There is nothing worse than dragging a heavy wet towel around, so it is essential that the towel must also dry quickly. 

    I see that the towel comes with a sunbathing mat and a bag. So how big is the mat, is it the same size as the towel? Is the bag just a small little bag to roll the towel and mat into? Or is the bag big enough that it can also double as a beach bag or gym bag and carry everything else you need in it? Thank you.

    • Great to hear from a potential customer Line. Are you going to the beach this year? Is it Miami or the French Riviera which I have been fortunate to visit over the years? I totally agree with you that there is nothing worse than carrying a wet and soggy towel to the hotel from the beach or pool.The wet and soggy ones are usually the towels made from cotton and not the polyester synthetic ones which dry much more quickly. This towel is super big, as you say, which makes it ideal even for the little guy, or is good for two people to sit on on a nice sandy beach.. Amazon don’t give any details about the mat which is disappointing, but customer reviews suggest that the mat and bag are quite small, but adequate enough to fit the towel once it is rolled up. I don’t think the bag can double up as a beach bag or gym bag and fit other essentials.

  2. It does have a very fair price point, and from what I’ve gathered it’s perfect for what it’s meant to be. I’m just getting back to the gym in a couple of days and I have been using the same 3 towels ever since I started in March. Having something new that fulfills my needs is just what I need. I love the green one, but purple being my favorite color, I might be checking that one out. 

    • Hi Stephanie, I agree with you. The price is very good for what it is, the product is good because it has excellent reviews on Amazon, but choosing the color that you want is a headache. Color experts say that green is a soothing and refreshing color signifying health and life, while purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition – so go with your favorite color purple. I’ll be fascinated to know what your final choice is.

  3. Thank you very much for this valuable detailed review about Beach Towel. Actually, I just asked about this today. But this is worth it. Because it dries quickly. And this is not heavy. I often go to the beach. This means a lot to me. I will definitely try this. Keep posting like this.

    • Hi Dimanka, it really is a good investment. For years I have been using cotton towels which when wet are heavy and cumbersome to carry. This really is a life-changing moment. Modern technology is making things easier for us, and although I’m no technology expert, my new beach towel is not only able to dry itself quickly compared to a cotton towel, but it doesn’t pick up dirt or sand. It’s definitely one for the beach or gym. The only problem I had was deciding what color to buy. I went for yellow as you can see on my page.

  4. I don’t go to the beach often but I plan to join a Gym very soon. It is good to know that it handy for the gym. Forget about the stickiness, I  prefer a towel that sticks on me than it slips. I am a big girl, knowing that I can wrap comfortably in A quick drying towel is amazing. A quick drying towel is what everyone needs. I find it even more convenient for the gym as no one want to carry a heavy wet towel around in your bag. For the quality the price is affordable. 

    • Thanks for your comment Shevonne. This towel is multi-functional, so can be used for the gym. I am sure it will be very useful if you do an intensive workout. I use mine for the beach as a blanket and like you like to wrap myself around it to either keep the sun off me or dry myself after a dip in the pool or sea. I agree with you that this quick-dry towel is for the quality offered a good price. 

  5. Thanks for the informative article, I really like quick-drying towels – although I don’t understand the science behind them at all!

    Having it come in such a large size is also really handy – I’m a little guy, but the 2 metre length would be lush to lay on the sand or to wrap yourself up warm after surfing!

    I’#ll definitely look into getting some of these microfibre towels for the family!



    • It’s good to see that there is someone else like-minded. Thanks for your nice comment, and you won’t be disappointed if you buy one. I always go for a big towel which I can lay down on the beach like a big blanket and sunbathe. If I go into the sea it’s a lot quicker to get dry if you have a big towel than a small one and being quick-drying so much the better. This thin towel would be super-heavy to carry if it didn’t dry so quickly. Like you, I don’t understand the science behind how it dries more quickly than a cotton towel. And, as I said before in my review, it doesn’t pick up sand or dirt, which is another marvel. It’s a what’s not to like product and it’s not too expensive, and comes in many colors.

  6. I’m honestly super happy I found this page. I went to the beach recently on the East Coast of the US and actually lost my beach towel. I was going to be getting another regular beach towel that isn’t long enough for me. I’m pretty tall and it’s a pain if I want to try to lay down to dry off but don’t want sand stuck all over me. This towel sounds awesome. The price is good and I love the fact that it dries quickly. It’s always annoying to have to bring wet towels back when you could just fold up your dry towel and set it aside for next time. It also keeps the towel in better condition in my opinion if it isn’t sitting out where it can have different things stick to it if its wet. 

    • It’s good to know we are on the same page. Ordinary beach towels can be a pain as you have explained and I totally agree with you. For me, this towel ticks all the boxes. It dries quickly, is light to carry, folds easily into a bag, doesn’t pick up dirt or sand, is big enough for a person of more than average height, is multi-functional as can be used in a gym, comes in some amazing colours, and doesn’t break the bank. What’s not to like?


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