Berghaus Men’s Hillwalker Hiking Boots Review – waterproof and with a cosy fit

Product: Berghaus Men’s Hillwalker Hiking Boots

Price: £99.54

Size: Normal width

Colour: Chocolate

Material: Leather

Rating: 9

IN ENGLAND more than two million people go hill and mountain walking, so there is a big demand for walking boots. Of that figure around 315,000 are regular participants in climbing and bouldering. For that reason there is a big demand for good quality hiking boots and prices can range from about £20-£100 if not more.

Quality does come at a price

If you want quality, then get yourself a pair of Berghaus Men’s Hillwalker Hiking Boots. These boots fitted me perfectly once they came out of the box. I’ve got cheaper boots in the past and they’ve ended up in the bin, but these one’s have kept going, particularly on many long walks in the park. Many of them let in water, others did not have sufficient grip which made me feel uncomfortable and not particularly safe wearing them. That is not to say that even having quality boots that they will last forever.

Give them a good polish if you want them to last

If you look after your Berghaus Hillwalker Boots by giving them a good polish, they will definitely outlive any cheaper brand. For me, being a frequent walker, I would say they have a shelf life of about two years, and for me that’s really good going. Firstly, I’m looking for quality, and these are made from leather. Secondly, the design has to look good – and these certainly do.

These boots are not heavy and clumpy

What’s an added bonus is that these boots are not too heavy and clumpy and they do what heavy boots do which is keep out the rain. The boot has a Gor-tex lining which prevents my foot from getting wet, even though the leather exterior soaks up the water like blotting paper.

Hillwalkers come with a deep tread and grip

Another good feature about these boots is the soles, which have a deep tread and grip. When I walk on wet grass or mud, they hold firm. The only downside is because the boots have closely spaced studs, they pick up mud and small stones, which can be hard work when cleaning.

Pick up a fast walking pace wearing these

There are alternative brands which are far more expensive, but the Hillwalkers do come into their own because they have designed a dip behind the heel which gives the boots extra support. That makes them really comfortable for walking. I just walked four miles and found it a lot faster than usual walking.

They keep the water out

I would strongly recommend them. They look stylish, keep out the water. What more could you ask for?

If you have a pair yourself, I would be interested in your comments.


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