Best beanies for the winter weather

With winter approaching and the need to travel for business or pleasure, there’s nothing better to put on your head to keep it warm than a beanie. For those unfamiliar with what a beanie is, it’s a soft, flexible and brimless hat. In winter weather it can be useful if your coat doesn’t have a hood, or it can provide you with an extra layer of warmth if it does. Modern beanies even come with a torch light which is rechargeable.

Beanie with a light to keep you safe in the dark

These can come with s 4 high brightness white LED beads and others with different colors such as red which can flash in alarm mode, giving you 5-10m protection in the dark. A comfortable beanie can come in a high-quality cashmere with good elasticity and giving you extra head comfort. A good one will keep your head and ears warm avoiding frost bite.

History of beanie goes way back to Wales – 12th century

The beanie beanie appeared in Wales from around the 12th century. When Britain started to colonize the Americas, it then spread to the USA and Canada. It was first worn by men outdoors to protect themselves, and with no brim it made it easier for them to do their labor-intensive work. Beanies became very popular with blue collar workers. Eventually women started wearing them. They were a bit more elaborate with their beanies, wearing them with black velvet toques, and some even had fur.

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College kids and women started wearing them

Eventually the baseball cap with its brim overtook the beanie, but they then made a comeback with college students and hippies during the 1960s before becoming mainstream by the 1990s.

More women started to wear them and then by the 2010s the woollen grey beanie was overtaken by those in different and more vibrant colors. Woolen beanies were sometimes seen as uncomfortable because they irritated the skin, so soft acrylic ones appeared on the market which did not itch you when wearing them. These days beanies can even be a fashion statement and are bought by grand parents for their grand kids at Christmas time or birthdays.

Good for campers, waterproof, styles and all sizes

They are also useful to mountaineers and campers for their safety and waterproof qualities – travelers exploring different places and climates also find them useful. These days you can even buy a beanie with bluetooth.

Beanies come in different colors, styles, shapes and sizes and in various types of materials. They can adjust to numerous types of outfits you want to wear, from casual to smart.

Thumbs up from top designers

For those that think that beanies are not that smart, this year, 2022, they have again received the thumbs up from top designers.

Do’s and do nots of a beanie

You can wear a beanie indoors, but if you are visiting someone, call me old fashioned, but it may be polite to take it off

Don’t put a beanie when you have just washed your hair or if your hair is damp. This is because when you take it off, your hair will look a mess. Always better to put a beanie on a dry set of hair.

Don’t put a beanie on a baby’s head when it is being put to bed. It is always better for the baby’s head to be uncovered. Headwear in bed can lead to suffocation or choking, so don’t do it.

Find different types of Beanie

Beanie without a cuff

Beanie with a cuff

Beanie with a Pom Pom

Beanie with a flop over the ears

Beanie that has a peaked shape

Short beanie which does not cover the ears.

Beanie that slouches behind the head

Among popular beanies at the moment are: Slouch Beanie – the classic, standard beanie which has a generous size that covers the ears and back of the neck, with a soft peak on the top of the head, and is cuffless; Fisherman Beanie; Skull Cap; High Top Beanie; and Pom Pom Beanie.

Pros of wearing a beanie

In hot weather, wearing a hat can block the sun’s UV rays, which helps to keep your body temperature lower. Adversely, in cold weather, a hat can help your body preserve heat.

Beanies are easy to clean. Just dip them in warm water and mild soap and they will look as clean as new. Most beanies come with one size that fits all.

Cons of wearing a beanie

Some experts sat that wearing a beanie too tightly or when it is too hot can cause hair loss. What happens is blood flow decreases to the hair follicles, which stresses them, which leads to them falling out. People often say they look bald wearing a beanie. The answer to that is to show a bit of hair and prove them wrong.


I am losing a bit of hair up top, but that’s not because I wear a woollen beanie, as mine is not too tight. It does keep me warm during cold weather and because I haven’t got much on top, it protects  me from harmful UV rays. As the wind, rain and snow approaches, be grateful for your beanie hat.



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