Three of the best holiday suitcases

If you are going on a long vacation, say two weeks, you will need an extra large holiday suitcase. Not only will you need more clothes, but literally more of everything else. And a good sturdy hard suitcase will protect important items such as your camera, and anything fragile that might risk being broken.

For most airlines, the largest luggage size for check-in is 62 linear inches. This means the total length + width + depth must equal 62 inches or less. But suitcases can be bigger.

There are two extra large suitcases and a cabin suitcase that you may wish to consider taking with you on your next holiday. There’s no such thing as a perfect suitcase but these three have something to rave about.

Is there a perfect suitcase?

The Perfect Extra Large Suitcase called the Flymax, comes on four wheels and is suitable for a one-to-three-week travel holiday. It has a 32″ 85 x 55 x 33 cm size, 138 litre capacity, and can fit up to 23-35 kg. PRICE: £79.99



  • The interior of the suitcase is covered with two layers of materials. Polyester fabric and a thin layer of foam, to increase elastic buffer and add comfort for our dear customers. Also with interior mesh zip pocket and elasticated, squared full capacity design.
  • Lightweight and durable and made from ABS material. It has been vigorously tested and approved.
  • It comes with a secure and strong lockable 3-digit combination lock, which helps secure your valuable items.
  • This suitcase has a stand out design and is noticed by its vibrant stunning colors. It is easy to move when walking, as has a four rotational spinner wheels. It also has an adjustable telescopic handle support. 


  • Loved the color and ease of the suitcase, which arrived in a ripped box with marks on the suitcase which couldn’t be wiped off. I went back to the seller, who thought a £10 refund was a great gesture, which failed to impress me, and no apology for the poor delivery! I would recommend the suitcase, however, I would not recommend buying from this seller.
  • The good quality suitcase was 28″ rather than 29″ in description. Overall good, it came with couple of scratches from the manufacturer but not a big deal, and instructions on how to set the lock.
  • Doesn’t feel like it will stand test of time but I guess you get what you pay for. Combination lock failed after its first trip so had to buy a separate lock and it is still working.
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The ATX extra large suitcase is both super lightweight and durable with its ABS hard shell. It has four wheels and is built with a TSA lock, gun metal grey, It has a height of 86cm x 56cm weight and a depth of 32 ins and can carry 132 litres. Its weight is 5.2 kg. It is very light and glides along.


  • It is billed as the “lightest suitcase available on the market. It has an amazing built-in TSA lock feature which secures your belongings and a four-dual spinner wheels that can rotate at 360°. It is designed for every kind of surface – a perfect travel case.
  • Compared to other ABS material, this ABS material is three times stronger than its competitors.  It also has a built-in toiletry bag, and a strong adjustable metal telescopic handle and small top and side grab handles with extra padding, adding a little extra comfort to your traveling.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty which gives you piece of mind. The company says “if you’re not satisfied, we are not satisfied”.


  • I bought the medium size back in April 2018, it cost me £40 at the time. The major issue that I had with the suitcase was the wheels, my version had a different wheel design that would cause it to drag and made it difficult to move, this was made worse with the battering the wheels took in transit, to the point where it is now basically unusable.
  • I can see from the pictures that the wheel design has changed and they look better to me. I’ll be buying this again to see how the new version does.
  • This suitcase does not look like it can hold up to 110 litres volume. It is not big enough for my needs. I have not used it so I don’t know how strong it will be. Now I have to figure out who to give it to as it looks like it might cost me to return it. I can say the finishing is good, color lovely, wheels look strong. Just does not live up to my expectations of a 28-inch case.
Another extra large hard shell 32-inch suitcase to consider is the yellow with its four-wheel spinner. Its dimensions are 78h x 52w x 34cm depth, External dimensions are: 85h x 55w x 34cm d, weight 4.7kg, Its packing capacity is 148 litres. All dimensions and weights are approximate, but as accurate as possible.
  • Ultra strong, ABS hard shell material, multi-directional, 4 ‘spinner’ wheels.
  • Push button telescopic handle, internal zipped divider compartment.
  • Combination lock – unique design.
  • One year manufacturing warranty
  • I’ve only done one trip with it at the moment, but it didn’t fail me. It’s very roomy and can get tons of clothes in it. I love that the wheels are 360, and the extendable handle is useful for tall people.
  • I bought two of these. They are light and run well. Personally I would not use it on a flight as although they are strong, they would not take too much throwing about by aircraft loaders.
  • Nice and big suitcase but very very loud. That annoyed me so much, after first use I am looking for a different one with better and more quieter wheels.



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