Best keep your nose clean on holiday

When you get to a certain age hair starts to protrude from places you don’t want it to. You are losing it on top, but it seems to grow where you don’t need it. The short answer to keeping your nose clean on holiday is to get a stainless steel nose hair trimmer.

The one pictured here has a lot going for it.


  • You don’t need batteries as it just relies on finger power.
  • Both sexes can use this trimmer.
  • It gets rid of hair not only from your nose but from your ears, eyebrows and any other facial hair.
  • Safe and painless, cutting blades never come in contact with skin.
  • You also get a cleaning brush to wipe away any unwanted hair that have been cut.
  • It comes in a small storage box that you can quite easily tuck away in any rucksack or hand luggage. In effect, suitable for travel.
  • You can completely disassemble the nose hair remover and clean it thoroughly.
  • Unlike using scissors, you won’t cut yourself and you don’t feel the pain if you were trying to pull out the hairs with your fingers.
  • It’s very cheap to buy and you don’t need any accessories.
  • Popular amazon choice that comes with no complaints.
  • You don’t need to struggle to pull out the batteries before your flight for security check.
  • There will be no awkward scenes of power failure.
  • The machine is very durable and waterproof.


  • If it was a battery operated ear and nose trimmer, it would be easier and quicker  to use.
  • A battery-operated trimmer could possibly do a better and cleaner job.
  • If you have chubby fingers, you might find it difficult to use it.



This little machine is quick and safe to use, and its benefits easily outstrip the reasons why not to buy it. The company also offers you the opportunity to get in touch if there are any problems. This little machine makes sure you keep your nose clean.

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