Best travel wallet to take on holiday

WHEN you go on holiday what do you need the most? Answer: When you get to the airport and you are asked for your passport, your boarding pass. Perhaps you want to get some Dutch courage before you board that long haul flight, and you can’t find your money.

They come in all shapes and sizes

I think I have given you enough clues to suggest a travel wallet. They come in all shapes and sizes – some have only room for debit and credit cards and some banknotes, others can fit your mobile, then you can buy one that fit everything, including hotel details and those pesky coins.

Trusted zip or stud will do the trick

Some come with the good old-fashioned and trusted zip, other have a stud that you can press to keep things under wraps, and those with a bit of extra cash, might opt for an RFID (radio frequency identification device) to bolster your wallet’s security.

This one fits snugly inside your jacket pocket

Wouldn’t it be nice just to grab something from the inside of your jacket and produce whatever is needed in a fraction of a second. Here’s a few options you might want to consider.

Here’s one for the minimalist user

If you are a minimalist and don’t like carrying everything in a big bulging wallet then you might consider a Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Johnson Mini Wallet. It’s compact (8cm x 10cm), is made from quality leather and comes with a lovely motif on the front, and has six slots for cards. It’s easy to slip out of your jacket pocket at a moment’s notice, and is a quality brand.

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If you are looking for something bigger that can hold your mobile, then the ToMo Yi might be your bag. It has a pouch pocket wallet for your iPhone and has two zipper pockets. I use one for keys and the other to put any loose change. There are also pockets for bank notes, debit, credit and store cards. The travel wallet comes with a strap which I can put over my shoulder or neck and hide it underneath a jacket.

The big daddy of wallets has to be the new large Visconti soft brown travel wallet organiser bag, which is 23 x 12 x 3cm. What I like about this brown leather wallet is that it has 10 compartments, more than ample space to fit your passport, travel insurance, tickets and any other documents that you need to take with you on holiday.

Fitted with anti-fraud device for protection

What I think is the best feature of this wallet apart from its size, is that it is fitted with a  RFID anti-fraud device.

It also has two zipped compartments which can be useful for loose change and keys. If you like big, then you will like this wallet. Otherwise go for something smaller. 

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If you have a wallet that you like, please get in touch. We always like to get feedback as your information and experience may help others.


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