Best treatment for chafing while on vacation – gently soothe with lotions

Cotton Tree Everday Essential Petroleum Jelly, 284GYou could be travelling or on vacation and you suddenly realise you have a pain in your body. You have been walking, running, wearing tight clothing or cycling and your thighs have been rubbing together. In effect you have been chafing.

Chafing is when your skin rubs against another part of your skin. It can also happen when your skin rubs against your clothing. It’s happened to me on numerous occasions. It’s painful and difficult to walk.

Sometimes chafing is known as “chub rub” which implies it only happens to overweight people. Don’t be fooled, it happens to people of all shapes and sizes, men and women.

The simple answer is to avoid doing things where your legs come in contact with each other, like some of the activities mentioned above. But once the damage has been done, what can you do?

I usually clean the area of the body with warm water, pat the skin dry and apply talcum powder on the area before going to bed. That helps to soothe the pain and alleviate the problem by the morning.

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But some people warn against this remedy, saying that it can be cancerous, though I don’t believe this has been proven. I have erred on caution and have stopped using this method.

Here is a list off other remedies:

  • Petroleum Jelly helps chafing by preventing further irritation.
  • Cornstarch is good at absorbing extra moisture from the skin and to reduce itching. It can also prevent further friction and irritation.
  • Aloe Vera will help with inflammation and irritation. You can take a leaf, squeeze the gel out and apply it on your skin. Aloe Vera soothes burns and any other wounds that you may have. You can also get it online or in a pharmacy.
  • Shea Butter lotion can soften your skin. It also can help heal your skin with its anti-inflammatory agents.

If the skin develops an open sore or blister, it is best NOT to apply any lotion until the skin develops a protective barrier. Otherwise see a doctor.

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