The best backpacks for seniors out now

The best way for a an older person to carry items is to use a backpack, as that allows them to distribute whatever they are carrying evenly. In general, lightweight backpacks are recommended for senior citizens, but for those more adventurous, a loaded backpack should not weigh more than 20 per cent of your body … Read more

Top three of my bucket list holidays

My top three bucket list holidays have to be Egypt, a rail trip along The Rockies in Canada and the culinary delights of Portugal. Shrouded in mystery and intrigue and home to some of the world’s most famous historical treasures, Egypt guided holidays are on most people’s must-to-do lists.  It certainly is on mine! Walk … Read more

Want to be entertained while travelling?

There comes a point when you don’t want to look out of a train window anymore, when your eyes are tired from watching a two-hour movie on a screen and your fingers are tired from flicking the next page of a book. YouTube entertainment I’ve created my own entertainment by producing YouTube videos. They are … Read more

Best beanies for winter weather

With winter approaching and the need to travel for business or pleasure, there’s nothing better to put on your head to keep it warm than a beanie. What is a beanie hat? For those unfamiliar with what a beanie is, it’s a soft, flexible and brimless hat. In winter weather it can be useful if … Read more

TOMOYi Casual Travel Bag Review – fits the mobile, and all your banknotes, credit, debit and store cards in one

IN this world there are at least 21 different types of wallets –  Bifold Wallet, Trifold, Slim, Money Clip, etc, and each one of these wallets has merits to its name, but for me it has to be the one wallet that keeps everything under one roof, and that’s got to be the TOMOYi Travel Bag. … Read more

REVIEW: Wagamama Restaurant – great Japanese food and ambience at the London Designer Outlet in Wembley

You can find Wagamama Restaurant at the London Designer Outlet in Wembley STAR RATING: Five stars PRICE: See menu below or on this link – but best to check with restaurant RESTAURANT: Wagamama Restaurant, London Designer Outlet, Wembley,  104 Wembley Park Blvd, London HA9 0FD  020 8795 2597 CUISINE: Japanese TAKEAWAYS: PARKING: PRICE:The … Read more