What jewellery to wear on your holiday

Give your holiday a sparkle by wearing jewellery when you are out and about  This post contains affiliate links that I earn a small commission from at no cost to you.  THE FIRST people to wear jewellery were those who now live in present-day Iran, around 400 BC. The precious pieces on their attire were … Read more

What to wear on a sailing holiday

  All hands to the deck and then some time to chill out once the job is done This post contains affiliate links that I earn a small commission from at no cost to you.  If you want to get the wind under your sails what better way to do so than by going on … Read more

What things to take on a cruise

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying a picturesque view on a warm evening

What better way to experience lots of exotic destinations in one luxurious trip than on a cruise liner. And, you don’t have to worry about your meals, accommodation, and on-board activities, which are all included in the price. English actor, writer and traveller, Michael Palin, once said: “When the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall  be happily infected until the end of my life.”

Cruises can very in length starting from a one-night cruise to one lasting two weeks. So for some people there might be a panic of wanting to take everything including the kitchen sink. But so as to make sure your boat does not dip lower than the plimsoll line, we’ve come up with some ideas of what to take on your trip.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, top of your list will be your essential documents. These will include: cruise liner tickets; passport and visas; vaccination certificates; travel insurance policy; emergency phone numbers (photocopies of all documents mentioned); local currency; prepaid travel card; and debit and credit cards.

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What to wear

Every cruise liner has its own dress code and some are stricter than others. On some boats dressing for dinner may just require a clean t-shirt, while others expect you to wear a tuxedo. It’s also difficult to predict how strict or lax the person at the door will be, though staff sometimes find it difficult to turn people away. However, those that do make the effort, feel disappointed by those that don’t.

For women, wearing shorts is okay by the pool or gym or by the lido buffet at a stretch. Swimming costumes and bikinis should only be seen by the pool. During daytime indoor activities walking shorts, jeans, casual skirts and beachwear dress.

Outdoors, swimwear, jeans, casual shorts and t-shirts would be expected. On shore, rules may vary according to what activities are in store. In the evenings, each cruise ship has its own dress code for formal, semi-formal and casual evenings. Depending on your budget, you can buy a nice pair of sunglasses for less than £20 or Ray-Bans for a lot more. For men, a navy sport jacket and polo shirt would be nice for everything apart from dinner and on a formal night. Again, consult your cruise dress code, but always good to pack a tuxedo, including a nice pair of shoes to match.

Big bag for the beach

Once you hit your first destination you will probably need a shore excursion day bag. The items that will be in the bag will depend on what you are doing. If you are heading for the beach then your snorkel gear will need to fit into this big bag, as well as a towel, swimwear, underwater camera, medication for any upsets, sunscreen, after sun lotion and other essentials you can fit in. In effect, this beach bag will have a to be extra large, waterproof and have inside and outside pockets.

Best sunglasses to wear on holiday

When you want to look cool on your holiday, you need a killer pair of shades This post contains affiliate links that I earn a small commission from at no cost to you.  LOOKING for a pair of holiday shades is no easy matter. There’s plenty of places on the market where you can buy … Read more

What To Take On An Adventure Holiday

Always good to be prepared when you are going on an Adventure Holiday – don’t be left without a paddle in what potentially could be a dangerous environment

There’s so much you can experience when going on an adventure holiday. You can test yourself to do new activities, experience new cultures, lead from the front and come back with incredible memories. But you have to know what to take on an adventure holiday – be prepared for any eventuality – otherwise you might end up in a lake without a paddle.


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, a small daypack  should be top of your list. This is essential for carrying those important items such as a hat, sunglasses, sunblock, first-aid kit, camera and snacks. A good daypack will be one that collapses into a small pouch and is easy to place in your luggage. You will not regret having one with padded shoulder straps, made of water-repellent fabrics and with watertight seals.There’s also a variety of amazing daypacks for children on the market.

ZOMAKE 30L Lightweight Packable Backpack Water Resistant Hiking Daypack,Small Travel Backpack Foldable Camping Outdoor Bag

Sunglasses will protect your eyes from UV rays.  Forget designer glasses and opt for a pair of durable, sturdy frames which are not only lightweight, but stress resistant and look the business. If you are taking very young children, Baby Banz sunglasses are ideal for protecting them from UV A and UV B rays and look super-cool. Older kids will benefit from Rivbos polarized sunglasses which are unbreakable.


If you are having a family adventure holiday, then keeping dry is all-important. The weather can sometimes be unpredictable, so it’s always prudent to prepare for anything unexpected. You could be out on a sunny day which turns showery. Foldable lightweight waterproof jackets which are easy to pack for adults and children are a necessity. You need to look for a jacket with a big hood and velco cuffs – waterproof pants and ponchos should also be added to the list.

A water bottle is all-important, particularly if you are hiking. One that is insulated will keep cool. It may be heavy, so go for a collapsible water bottle, and make sure it is leak-proof. This 750ml refill, reuse and recycle bottle can be kept in a fridge or freezer, and comes with a carabiner clip. It also has a free key ring bottle opener, can be folded and placed in your pocket.


Covering your head with a hat is a must. You don’t know what kind of climate you might be encountering. It could be searing heat or freezing cold. Either way you’ll want to keep your head warm, if not your ears. There’s lots to choose from, but make sure these hats are easily collapsible, that’s easy to pack and offer sun protection. A beanie hat will help adults face a colder climate, while children look good in knitted puppy caps.

If your adventure holiday includes lots of walking, then you’ll need a good pair of hiking shoes or regular sneakers. Without a decent pair of flexible, lightweight soles with a mesh which allows the shoes to breathe and dry quickly if you are in the wet. If you are going on the beach than anti-slip sandals for kids to use by the pool can be a good investment. If you are kayaking then get some waterproof shoes.

Whatever your adventure holiday, enjoy it and staff safe. And please do send us an electronic postcard.