Disabled and planning to go away

Travelling abroad can be difficult at the best of times, but if you have a disability, you may have to consider a few more things before you step out of the front door. If you have decided which country you want to visit, check that they have the necessary facilities you require. This could be … Read more

Three of the best walking sticks

Walking sticks come in all shapes and sizes. Often it can be difficult to know which one to buy. Do you need one to help you walk around the block? Are you going hiking? A good walking stick will give you comfort, stability, and offer added safety. If you are a bit wobbly on your … Read more

Three of the best wallets for travel

When you are travelling the first thing that you may be asked for at the airport is ‘Can I see your passport? Have you got a boarding pass?’ That’s when you start fumbling through your pockets, trying to remember where you put the stuff, praying that you have not left it on your dining table … Read more

Three of the best trunks for swimming

The best type of swimming trunks you want to take to the beach are those made from polyester. They have a comfortable feel, are wrinkle resistant and have quick-drying qualities. They also usually offer UPF 50 sun protection. Nylon, polyester or Lycra Other options are nylon, which stretches better and Lycra which is regarded as … Read more

Three best shades for men and women

When you go on holiday sunglasses are a must-have accessory. Not only do you want to feel good, but you also want to look good. And a nice pair of shades also need to offer you the best eye protection possible. Before you start considering the size, style and colour of your glasses, UV protection … Read more

Three of the very best in hand luggage

Before you go out and buy some hand luggage, you need to work out what hand luggage is. You don’t want to, for example, buy a small suitcase by mistake, and then get told by the airline that you have to pay extra. So size, quality and durability is all-important. When it comes to size, … Read more

What to pack for a birdwatching break?

Photo credit: Rio Guruh Imawan If your hobby is bird watching then why don’t you take it to another level and go on a birders holiday. Globally, around three million international trips are dedicated to birdwatching every year. Birdwatching tourism has been a rapidly growing market, with the largest share coming from Europe. At least … Read more