The perfect suitcase for the taking

TRAVEL experts and bloggers rank Samsonite as top of their list for suitcases. Erin Bender from Explore with Erin, says:  “We chose 4-wheeler luggage. Not only is it great to push with one finger, but the kids can ride on it, which saves us from losing them in the airport.

“Go with the Samsonite with latch closures; bags with zips break too easily and fragile pieces are in better care in a hard case.”

But there’s plenty to choose from on the market – and the suitcase league tables can quite easily overturn when a new kid comes on the block. The popularity stakes keep changing, so you don’t always have to follow the crowd. Everyone has their favourite and personal choice.

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Winfield 2 Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Choosing the right luggage can help prevent problems at the airport like having to pay fees for over-sized baggage. Hand luggage doesn’t give you that hassle and there’s no fear of losing it as it’s right there beside you. Soft luggage can be squeezed in, hard is durable and these days is made of a lightweight material like polypropylene.

All suitcases are usually long-lasting and come with a manufacturer’s guarantee when you buy them, but you can always insure them, if that makes you feel more comfortable. Baggage insurance covers you if you are delayed, your bag is damaged, lost or stolen. It usually comes with your travel insurance, but it is worth checking.

Three most common smaller types of suitcases are:

Those that keep on rolling

  • Roll On Suitcases (with wheels for easy transport, comes in hard and soft side. Hard bags are molded from materials like polypropylene. Soft bags from fabrics like PVC and polyester. Soft bags are expandable and can accommodate up to 25 per cent more space. Many also have exterior pockets which give you extra storage space.

Now get that on your back

  • Backpacks come in various sizes, with and without frames. They are a good option for camping, hiking and outdoor activities. Some backpacks come with wheels. wheels. Even large luggage pieces can become backpacks when they have padded back straps. These bags can be great—but make sure to tape down any wayward straps which can get entangled in the baggage carousel.


Nice duffel bags

  • Duffel bags have modern-day accessories like wheels and a retractable handle; like these bags are often sold as “travel duffels”. While a traditional small or medium duffel bag will fit nicely in the overhead compartment, it may strain your arm or shoulder if you have to carry it for long distances. For extensive travel, always go for a piece that has wheels or back straps.

Other brands on the block to consider

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