JustSun Summer Shorts Review – easy on waistline and not too long in length

Mens Summer Shorts

NOT SHORT ON COLORS: Waist of the shorts is elastically stretchable, and there’s lots of choice

Product: JustSun Summer Shorts

Price: £16.19

Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL. 3XL

Colour: Black, Denim Blue, Khaki, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, White, Wine Red

Material: 60% Cotton, 35% Linen, 5% Elastane

Rating: 9

When you are taking a stroll on the beach you don’t want to be wearing long trousers which make for heavy work, particularly if you are walking on sand or pebble stones. If it is super hot, your legs will feel overheated and needing to breathe, so that’s why I was so happy to be wearing a nice pair of JustSun casual shorts.

Getting the right size and length is all-important

I bought the shorts recently on Amazon and what was great about them was that the web page gave a size guide based on your weight, waistline and inseam. For those unfamiliar with inseam, that’s the measurement from the crotch to the cuff on the inside seam of the leg. My size was XL with a recommended waist of 34-36 inches. My inseam was 12.2 inches. The shorts have an elastic waist which was perfect as it held up my tummy without too much trouble, and after a few beers was still able to do the job with the additional help from the drawstring.

Shorts not too long or baggy for the beach

The shorts were mainly made from cotton with a small mixture of linen and elastane, which made it light and breathable. I have worn other shorts in the past which were too heavy, couldn’t hold up and were either too short exposing my thin legs but not holding in my waistline. This time I got it right, but I did see short people with shorts too long making their legs look even shorter, and tall guys with baggy shorts because they had well-developed torsos.

No fly and I should have gone for a darker color

The shorts also come with two front pockets and two back pockets. I was able to put my hotel key in one and my wallet in the other, with two pockets to spare. My only criticism of the shorts was that they did not have a fly, so when I wanted a pee, I had to drop my shorts. I also would have gone for a slightly darker color in case I picked up any dirt on my travels.

Great for lazing around on the beach

For what I was getting, I was really impressed with the price, which I thought was more than reasonable. Some shorts on the net were going for more than double the price. I was also happy that I was wearing the appropriate shorts for the occasion. I was not going swimming, but just lazing around on the beach. I could have used them for a game of volleyball or just to prop up a bar.

This time I had the right pair of shorts for the occasion

I once wore a pair of tennis shorts on the beach which were totally inappropriate. On this occasion I did the right thing, and had the right pair of shorts. If the occasion had changed from being casual to a slightly more formal one, with a nice white shirt and sneakers, I think I would have got away with it. I would strongly recommend the JustSun Summer Shorts. If it hadn’t been for the fly and the color, I would have given it a straight 10.




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