Large Visconti travel wallet organiser review – fits my holiday documents

Product: Large Visconti soft brown leather travel wallet organiser

Price: £39.99

Size: 23 x 12 x 3cm

Material: Brown leather

Rating: 8

I LIKE to have all my documents and passports all in one bag. That is why I have a large Visconti travel wallet organizer. Measuring 23 x 12 x 3cm, it gives me ample space to put everything inside with room to spare.

Can fit a mobile phone in the wallet, but prefer not to

I could probably put my mobile in there as well, but I don’t think it would sit well in there with all the paperwork.

Ten compartments to put your documents in

When you open the wallet it feels like you are pulling open a drawer with lots of space to put your documents in. If like me, you have a family of four, with passports and tickets, it’s handy to put it all in together. On occasions when you are catching more than one flight, you might find yourself with even more paperwork.

Put my keys and loose change in zipper pockets

In fact, there are 10 compartments in total, two of which are zipped. In one of them I keep my keys, the other I put my loose change. What I like about this wallet compared to previous ones, is that this one has a metal push button lock, so you feel that once it has been closed, it is very secure.

Anti-fraud device keeps my personal data safe

The wallet also has an anti-fraud RFID device. This stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device. It means that you can protect your personal data like a passport as the device contains a metal fibre mesh that creates protection around a chip that radio waves cannot penetrate.

Getting used to the brown color of the wallet

Brown has not always been my favorite color, and I would have preferred the leather wallet to be a little harder, but I’m getting used to it. Some people might see this travel wallet as being too big and cumbersome, but I would definitely recommend it.



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