Looking cool – holiday dress for men

It’s fun to kick open the wardrobe doors and put something fresh on

WHATEVER you decide to do on your holiday, there will be many occasions when you will want to be dressed smart. You might want to go out to a classy restaurant, spend an evening having a barbecue on the beach, visiting a museum or an art gallery, or just taking a stroll on the beach.

Add a bit of class and feel really good about it

Check out these outfits and see where they take you. Wearing a suit doesn’t have to be just for the cold months, it’s nice to look classy in the summer, and get those heads turning.

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Palm trees, nice sunset and a chic summer suit

Imagine spending an evening in a cocktail bar, with palm trees, sofas you can sink into, a beautiful sunset and possibly live band playing a soft ballad in the background, with the sax player going mental. Everyone looks amazing, what are you going to be wearing? You don’t have to put on my wardrobe, but here’s a few things that I’ve taken off the hanger which I think will make you feel good. I don’t want to be cruel to be kind, more cool to be kind.

Go for tried and tested nostalgia

How about a three-piece linen suit with a nice light pastel color. If it gets too hot, you can hold the jacket over your shoulder and show off your waistcoat. If you wanted to portray yourself as a bit of a continental gent, you could have a nice silk scarf around your neck, which you could keep on.

In case someone wants to know the time

To add extra charm, how about wearing a  pocket watch placed in your waistcoat pocket and the chain passed through a button hole. The rest of the chain can be neatly tucked into your other waistcoat pocket. Add to that a crisp white shirt, tie with a pattern and a comfortable pair of brown Derby shoes, and you are on your away. Once the jacket comes off you might want to throw in a Panama hat, if you fancy the old Dirk Bogarde look. It will keep the sun out of your eyes, but may attract company due to its sophisticated look.

All aboard for a party

 If your partner has come up with the idea of taking you on a floating hotel for a few drinks, you may be left scratching your head as to what to wear. How about thinking out of the box and going the full hog with a white tuxedo jacket. Some of these places  will make you walk the plank if you wear anything but. With your tux, a white dress shirt and a pair of smart black shoes will do the business. Because you are going to a casual event, you don’t have to wear black trousers, or color to match, try something more flamboyant. Black tie is for those special occasions, you are going out partying.

What should a guy wear to an art gallery or a museum?

What the hell he wants is the short answer. But depending on the weather, don’t bring a coat to an art gallery or you will look like a museum piece. I suppose you could decide what you want to wear depending on what type of art it is. But from my experience, a dress shirt with no tie and a dinner jacket is adequate. If it’s the opening night of the art exhibition, then you may go for something a little bit formal to fit in with the other VIP guests.

Tanned brogues are a work of art

I once went to a photographic exhibition featuring still shots of the Rolling Stones.Had I worn something really formal that would have made me feel very uncomfortable and if Mick Jagger was there he wouldn’t have got any satisfaction seeing me dressed like that. Instead I put on an old Rolling Stones T-shirt. Added to that would have been a pair of well-worn jeans, white pristine socks and I splashed out on a pair of tanned brogues.

Get your satisfaction on the beach and roll

The t-shirt theme could also carry onto the beach on a warm summer’s day – though on a cool breezy evening it might be better to wear a multi-colored shirt or something with the words California or Miami – though that might be a bit naff if you are in those areas. If unlike me you want to be really adventurous then put on a pair of shorts for the beach. What type depends on your age and shape.

Slides are good for dipping you toe in the sea

For footwear I usually like to wear a pair of trainers which keeps the sand from between my toes, but there are many other options. You could be more trendy and put on a pair of rubber slides which can let the air in, not to mention the water, should you decide to dip your toe in. Slides are much more attractive to look at than crocs, clogs and sandals in my book.

Whatever you feel comfortable in

At the end of the day, wear whatever you feel comfortable. I hope your little sneak preview into my wardrobe helped. Wherever you go on holiday, the situation may change. Liked the weather, you change the clothes you wear. Also, it depends in which company you are in. If you’re just going out with a bunch of mates and it’s a dress down evening, then don’t stress over what you are going to wear. If it’s something a bit more classy, then think ahead and make sure you have the clothes that you need. And if there’s something missing that you forgot to pack, there’s always plenty of shops where you can grab a bargain – either in a market or more traditional shop. Let us know what you wear when you go out. We are always interested in your feedback.
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