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When you arrive at your airport destination you want your luggage. You’ve had a long flight and need to either get home or to the hotel fast. In the baggage area your suitcase is swirling around in the luggage carousel and you can’t make out from all the suitcases which one is yours. So, what’s the solution? You make your suitcase as distinct as possible. Either get a suitcase that represents the flag of your country, a belt that you can wrap around it that looks so bright you can’t miss it, put on a vintage sticker or a label that makes it eye-catching. Or even a fancy lock. That’s what you can do.


So, here’s a set of three glossy Union Jack suitcases that will get you noticed and will be easy to find on that luggage carousel. These lightweight suitcases come in three different sizes 20″, 24″ and 28″ and are a real head turner. They have a top grab handle, a slide grab handle and carry a total weight of about 10 kg for all three suitcases. There’s one for every member of the family to push around.


Otherwise, get your brown or dark blue boring suitcase and jazz it up with some vintage luggage travel tags! These Robot tags are excellently designed and will set your suitcases apart from the rest. They are made from durable leather and are easily identifiable on the conveyor belt where there may be similar luggage. The tags come with a strap, which prevents them being lost. There is a flap to hide your address details which are kept under a waterproof covering. As well as for luggage, Robot tags can be used on bags, briefcases, and for strollers.


Check out these  multi-coloured quick release heavy duty luggage straps, which give added security to your baggage and make it  much more visible . Belt length: 40″-74″ / 100-188cm; belt width: 2″ / 5cm; Universal luggage strap fit for 20″-34″ suitcase. These versatile straps are great for domestic and overseas travel and can be attached to wheeled and smaller pieces of luggage.


These little seven-piece multi-coloured locks can’t be missed. Put them on your suitcase, cabinet, toolbox or literally on anything that needs to be secured. The padlock has a chrome shackle and each lock has two corresponding keys, which is great to protect your valuable security. You can colour code each suitcase with a lock, which is made from copper and comes with a steel shackle. Made from hardened steel, it is resistant to cutting and hammering, and is both waterproof and rustproof.


Put these vintage style luggage labels on your suitcase and you will  get yourself noticed. These laminated ones come in a set of 12 vinyl stickers and feature various places from around the world from the Grand Canal Hotel in Monaco to the International Hotel in Capri and Imperial Palace in St Margherita.


Put your own initials on your suitcase in big wide stickers and your suitcase will stand out from the crowd.


With these Mickey, Donald or a host of other cartoon prints on your suitcase, this classic comic-themed background makes your suitcase stand out from the crowd. It comes with a fixed 3-digit TSA lock on spinner 67 & 77, and has a textured surface that protects it from scratches and make it very durable. Inside you find cross ribbons, a zipped divider and apron pocket that allows easy storage.

And don’t forget you can take hand luggage onto a plane…


Check out this extremely popular hand luggage – Spinner Small Strict Hand Luggage, 55 cm, 31.5 liters, Yellow (Light Yellow)    which comes in bright colours and is very durable, made from strong 100 percent polypropylene. This spinner zipped small suitcase with multiple pockets is 40 x 20 x 55 cm – 31.5 L – 2,50 Kg. It comes with a fixed 3-digit TSA Lock for added security and 360 degree spinner wheels for smooth rolling comfort.


Whatever suitcase or hand luggage you buy, enjoy your holiday and do let us know if our website helped you choose the right baggage for your trip.


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4 thoughts on “Luggage that stands out from the rest”

    • Thanks Steve. The amount of times I’ve been at an airport and seen people watching that carousel going round and round before they find their suitcases, or pick up a bag, check the address label and have to put it back red-faced. If we can save customers some time then we will feel that we have achieved something in the process. Even the airport staff, no doubt, will be happy to see that the flight’s suitcases have all been picked up.

  1. Hi Tony! This is a great idea to find how to make your luggage/baggage stand out. Though, I don’t travel much, but I do get your point. Luggages do get lost in a sea of other baggages as they go down that chute, and it can become “a jungle out there” as yours can look just like the others. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi Armand, finding my suitcase has always been a problem which is why I decided to come up with this simple solution. I love your billiards website – it’s so colourful and inviting. I’ve only played billiards once and enjoyed it – snooker is more popular here in England!


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