Matein travel bag review: laptop friendly and offers lots of space

Product: Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Price: £31.98

Bargain: Amazon’s Choice

Size: ‎35.8 x 19.8 x 46 cm 920g

Capacity: 32L

Quality: Polyester fabric with metal zippers/waterproof

Colour: Grey (available also in black or dark blue)

Guarantee: 30-day right of return

My rating: 8 out of 10

WHEN you are on holiday, you’ll need a rucksack that you can rely on – and for me that’s the Matein Travel Laptop Backpack. The reason I chose it is because I always like to take my laptop with me, and this backpack allows me to do that. It has a laptop compartment which measures 16×2 inches, which is adequate for my Lenovo. It also fits other makes such as Toshiba, Surface and Chrome Book.

Lots of pockets and room to spare

This rucksack gave me a nice surprise when I saw how many pockets it had. There was enough to stash all those smaller items like my camera, travel guide book, sandwiches, small umbrella, jumper, keys, and there was still room to spare. There is also an anti-theft pocket at the back which cannot be reached by prying hands. The bag, which is waterproof, is also designed to hold a USB charger, and a built-in charging cable inside. When you are on the go, the power bank works like a treat.

This one looks grey but has modern gizmos

The backpack may look grey and uninspiring, but with these modern gizmos, you know that you are prepared to meet the challenges of the modern world. When you are carrying this little load it’s also refreshing to know that the straps have what’s known as a ‘breathable sponge mesh’ which takes the stress out of your shoulders. When I’ve gone on holidays, I can take this bag on the plane, and I can also strap it to a suitcase to give me an extra hand when I need to show my passport, tickets and paperwork at the check-in desk.

Bulging wallets struggle to fit in the anti-theft pocket

If there are any criticisms of the Matein, it’s the dull grey colour. However, if you do like other colours, your choice is limited to dark blue and black. Depending on the size of your wallet, if it’s a big one, you may struggle getting it into the anti-theft pocket. The wire that connects the USB port to your portable charger does look and feel a bit cheap and lacks bite when connecting to your battery bank.  There is a risk that it will disconnect from the battery when you are moving around. In the laptop pocket, it could do with a little more padding on the bottom of the pocket. You could buy a small lock to stop anyone getting inside the laptop pocket. As with any rucksacks, you want strong durable material which cannot be ripped open easily. This rucksack comes in a tough polyester material with a metal zipper.

Reasonable cost for what’s on offer

There are lots of bags on the market, some from £5-10 cheaper, but in my eyes, the Matein ticks nearly all the boxes. For me, it offers more than the traditional bag. I can use it while on holiday, for day trips, while  I am cycling and it’s charging my phone. I know that my wallet is safely secured in the anti-theft pocket, and the shoulder straps are padded in such a way that I don’t get backache. The colour might not be too loud, which probably make it less conspicuous, and if like me you live in London, England, where it rains a lot, you need it to be waterproof. It’s probably not cheap enough for a university student, so could come as a welcome gift, but for a businessman, it’s a reasonable cost to put on your expenses. Certainly gets my thumbs up. But I’d be curious to hear your views on this nifty backpack.





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