Merrell Men’s Moab 2 LTR Mid Track Shoe Review – great for the outdoors

Product: Merrell Men’s Moab 2 LTR Mid-Track Shoe

Price: £88.56

Bargain: (reduced from £130.00)

Shoe size: (make sure it’s at least a half size smaller than the US size)

Quality: Synthetic material

Colour: Greenish-grey

My rating: 8.5 out of 10

IF YOU’RE going on a hiking then there’s nothing more important than having the right footwear. And that’s where Merrell Men’s Moab 2 LTR Mid Track Shoes come into their own. When I go out for a long hike, I want something comfortable to step into, and these boots do just the trick. If I’m out and about and it starts to rain, there’s a good chance I will step into a puddle. Merell boots have that covered. They have a GORE-TEX waterproof membrane which keeps my feet nice and dry.

Spring into action

I’ve gone on many walks whether that’s been in Wales, in Surrey, England, or just the big park in Watford, London, where I’ve treaded on dead leaves and skirted over fallen tree branches. Even jumping over puddles and negotiating muddy banks, I’ve found my Merrell boots spring into action, have a strong grip, and get me over nature’s bumps in the forest road.

Offered at a knockdown price

Luckily for me the price of my boots has recently dropped, so I was able to purchase them at well down on market price. There are other boots on the market cheaper but they don’t always have the same features like these boots – flat heels, a traditional hook lace closure, a bellows tongue to keep out the debris and a protective toe cap.
Like I said before, make sure you buy a half or full size up on what you normally wear and you will not be disappointed. I think the sizes are American, so be careful. You don’t want them to be too small. What was nice about them was I didn’t have to wear them in – they felt comfortable from the start.

Get the real Mc Coy

However, be careful, as some people have bought fake boots on the internet, thinking they are the real Mc Coy. They have found them not to live up to the high expectations at the price they are sold at. Make sure they have the logo on. Also, make sure you don’t buy them from an independent supplier, as the guarantee by Merrell might not be honoured.

Keep your socks on

Some people say that the sole does give way after a while, but touch wood, my Merrell’s have been with me for a while and are going strong. They usually say that when things are done on a Friday, they’re not up to scratch. My boots must have been made mid-week. I would highly recommend them. You won’t need to change your socks wearing these boots.

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