Milestone Chair Review – this one is portable, easy to fold, and lightweight

Product: Milestone Portable Folding Chair

Price: £21.99


Chair size: Teen/adult

Quality: Metal/Fabric

Colour: Green/Blue

My rating: 8.0 out of 10


EVERY time when I go for a picnic, I prefer to take my folding chair with me. With a family of four, a blanket just doesn’t cover it. I usually end up being pushed off or end up sitting half on the blanket and half on the grass. If it’s wet grass due to rain or dew, I get my trousers dirty, so I find a folding chair is more agreeable than using a blanket.

That’s why I got myself a Milestone Lightweight Folding Portable Chair. Not only is it easy to assemble, but can quite comfortably fit in the boot of my car. I have a nice green coloured one, while the wife and kids have a blue one. Though I don’t think you get a preference when you buy one, at least with mine being the green, they know which one is mine.

Good things about it, but not perfect

Once the chair unfolded and placed on the grass, the legs grip the ground quite easily, and if the chair is placed on concrete, from my experience, it does not slide. However, if it is muddy ground it can get stuck, but so would any other. Having a stable chair is necessary once the picnic party food starts getting handed around. Then comes the next best thing about this chair. It has a drink’s holder on the right side of the  armrest, so once you get your plate of food, knife and fork, you can release your drink’s hand by placing your cup in the drink’s holder.

Tough fabric that can dry quickly

If you do get an occasional bit of rain or you spill something on the chair, the tough fabric will soak it up quite quickly and the chair will be dry. The metal legs, arms and shoulders are not heavy, so it is easy to carry. Some people in reviews have said that the metal frame can buckle, but I suppose if you are overweight that might cause an issue. The manufacturers claim that 80 kg / 13 stone is as much as it can take, but I weigh around 100 kg and don’t have any issues. Usually when I am sitting on a wooden chair I might hear it creak, but this one, if it does have problems, keeps very quiet about it. My only complaint about the chair is that the fabric has come away from one of the arm rests which I have to keep putting back in.

Director’s chair ready for action and final verdict

During these COVID times when I don’t want to sit on any bench in the park, or deckchair on the beach, or if it gets tiresome standing during a barbecue, the folding chair is invaluable. I can  bring it along, carrying it on my shoulder with its strap. I’m not saying that it may not be comfortable after a while, but I can always get up, stand up for a while and resume my sitting position. Even though I may be a bit overweight, if I treat the chair with respect, I know I can keep it for a while. The one I have has been with me for five years and is going strong. There are lots of other folding chairs on the market,some even cheaper, but this one I have tried and tested and it works for me. I do write plays as a hobby and during rehearsals it was used by the person who directed my play. So I now call it the director’s chair and I feel cool sitting in it, even though I am a humble writer and not the flashy director. Personally I would recommend it.


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