Minnie Rainbow Cabin Suitcase Review: Children find it lightweight and fun

Product: Disney Minnie Rainbow Cabin Suitcase

Price: £62.30

Size: Cabin 37 x 55 x 20cms

Colour: Azul

Material: Made of durable, lightweight ABS

Rating: 9

Every child wants to show off their luggage, so this one, with one of Walt Disney’s favorite characters, Minnie Mouse, will be very popular among kids. Disney as a company that is still one of the most popular brands in the world.

What’s great about this case is that children can take it on the plane, so if they need anything from it, they don’t have to wait for it. All they have to do is ask for a parent to take it down from the luggage rack.

Hard-shelled suitcase so much more secure

The suitcase is not only lightweight but because it has a hard-shell it is less vulnerable to have its contents lost, say if it was in a rucksack which can easily be ripped open or cut open with a knife, thus bypassing any lock. With most cabin suitcases going for around £100, this one is great value. It also has a zipped compartment inside and one pocket on the side with elastic straps on the other, so is easy for a child to use. For the most secure suitcases, you have to go for aluminium.

This one has wheels and rolls

This piece of luggage has wheels which will come as a great relief to parents. I remember when our kids were small and I had two suitcases to carry, plus a shoulder bag. My wife had two more cases plus a smaller child. There was no way we could have carried another suitcase, so it was great that our older child could wheel this one along. We only had to stop once when we reached some stairs. Then we had to make two journeys to get all the cases down. But such is life.

Backpack or suitcase?

Although this is a great suitcase for your child, they may prefer to take a backpack. The general rule is that a suitcase is the best option, but if you plan on moving around a lot, and if it is a longer stay, then you may want to go for a backpack. Having said all that, my kids preferred to wheel around a suitcase than carry a backpack which gave them back ache. Most kids look to see what their parents are doing, so if they see them with suitcases, then they want their little version. As long as their luggage is safe and secure like this one they have no problem. Also, make sure the kids have their favorite toy and snacks inside to avoid tantrums.

This one is easy to spot on the carousel

One of the other great things about this little suitcase is that when you get to your destination it is easy to spot. Just imagine how much fun it is watching your child jumping up and down screaming ‘Their’s my Minnie Mouse suitcase”. Not only will it be good to see your child happy, but you will be looking at all the other parents thinking, “Why didn’t I get that one?”

Feedback needed on this brand

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