What I Need For A Camping Trip

Bedding down for the night after a day of camping This post contains affiliate links that I earn a small commission from at no cost to you.  WITH MOST people opting for a staycation this year, what better way to escape the office or home than by going camping. Remember what you learnt as a … Read more

Things You Need For A Beach Trip

  Whether you are going to Blackpool in England or to the Cocoa Island beaches in the Maldives, you will need to make sure you have all the right gear to enjoy your beach holiday. Anything missing from your bag like suntan lotion may incur an added expense to your trip. As an Amazon Associate … Read more


ABOUT ME I never thought I’d be sitting in a top sushi restaurant bar in Tokyo a few years back eatng raw fish and enjoying it  A treasured moment – not to be forgotten. But getting there required a lot of planning, time and effort. And it wasn’t easy. LET’S MAKE IT STRESS FREE Travelling … Read more

Best Luggage And Bags – What Types?

Fill her up and get set for your holiday experience When you go on your holiday, you may ask yourself the following question. What type of luggage should I take? Do I want a hard-shell or soft-side piece of luggage on wheels? Do I want baggage with or without wheels? Maybe I don’t need a … Read more

Are you ready?

 Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home Get ready for a short break THERE’S no need to panic but we’ve got to get our gear into a suitcase pronto as we’ve got an early flight. So what do we pack? Top of the list has to be medications. Without them we’re in serious trouble. … Read more

Buying Souvenirs For Relatives

PRESENTS ARE COMING… You have packed your bags but what presents are you going to give your relatives living abroad. How about something to remind them of home if they are expats or souvenirs reflecting the country where you live. Here is a selection to whet your appetite. BREAKFAST AND AFTERNOON TEA Buy a collection … Read more

Luggage that stands out from the rest

WHERE’S MY BAGGAGE? When you arrive at your airport destination you want your luggage. You’ve had a long flight and need to either get home or to the hotel fast. In the baggage area your suitcase is swirling around in the luggage carousel and you can’t make out from all the suitcases which one is … Read more