Please belt up before going on holiday

coytear Satin Women's Belt, Ladies Satin Sash Belt Black Slender Scarf Women Girls Fashion Ceremonial Dress Long Thin Silk Scarves Belts Skinny Neck Tie Waist-Belt for Bridesmaid Wedding Prom EveningBuying a belt might not seem as exciting as finding a nice pair of trousers, but the beauty of the belt, if it’s a good one, is that it will outlast many trousers.

As you mature, your waist will go up and down, meaning the trousers will need to be changed, the notches on your belt will simply go up and down.

Like a supporting actor in a play, the belt will be there to hold up the main actor as he or she continues in their daily life.

Long strap held in place by a beautiful buckle and loop

A belt is a long strap made of leather, vinyl chain or fabric. At the end of it is buckle which can be adjusted or fixed. It is held, to prevent it dangling, by a loop.

In this script one must argue, that without a good supporting actor, the main actor will not be able to stand up their role. Therefore the belt needs to be given the same attention as the trouser.

If you are looking for a strong and durable belt, a leather one will work better than a vegan. It will also be more resistant to stains and water. A full-grain leather belt will not crack and its holes won’t tear.

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How to measure your belt size?

Below is a table with approximate belts sizes. The best way to measure a belt is not by its length, but from the buckle to the middle of the hole that you will wear.

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Understanding your belt

Understanding the different styles of belts and when to wear them will help you choose wisely when you’re out shopping. Since there are a lot of different types of belts, let’s divide them into six categories based on common characteristics.

These types of belts are the ones you’re familiar with or those that have been around for years. They’re simple, versatile, and practical. Classic belts come with a strap made of various materials. They also have a buckle or buckles with various shapes and sizes and are made of brass or an alloy of aluminium or zinc and have gunmetal, silver, or antique gold colour.

Different types of styles

1. T-LOCK – This T-shape lock fits on a leather strap with no holes. It looks good on casual clothes like jeans, skirts and  shorts.

2. DOUBLE BUCKLE – Two buckles can be placed either facing each other or on top of each other. This gives a bohemian and trendy style. Perfect for casual, semi-casual, and formal occasions.

3. HORSESHOE BUCKLE – The name says it all.

4. SINGLE BUCKLE – Classic belt which can come in many colours. It’s just one buckle as on the tin, with holes for adjusting for size.

KEMISANT Belt Men, Leather Sliding Ratchet Belt For Mens Dress Pants Suit Oxfords,Size Adjustable

5. SASH BELTS – A piece of fabric that you can wrap around your shirt, gown or dress.

6. HORSE-BIT BUCKLEIf you like the cowboy look, the horse-bit buckle is for you. Good for parties – an excellent for a wrap-around dress.

7. EMBOSSED BUCKLE – Embossed alloy, zinc, brass, or stainless steel buckles are great fashion accessories for your everyday wear. Its fabric or leather strap can help enhance your long coats and loose spaghetti-strapped mini-dresses.

8. JEWELED BUCKLE –  Buckles embellished with stones, diamonds, or metals.

9. METAL BELT –  Perfect for short and long skirts, cocktail, long dresses, and gowns.

10. CHAIN BELT – Multi-layered body link chain belt.

There are different types of belts. They all have a purpose. Some just hold up your pants, others define your body, the rest make your outfit look that much more special.

Rough guide to belt sizes

Size of belt

waist in cm

waist in inches


/ 76 – 81cm

30 -32”


84 – 89cm

33 -35”



36 -38”


99 – 104cm

39 -41”


107 -112cm

42 -44”


114.5 -119.5cm


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