REVIEW: Wagamama Restaurant – great Japanese food and ambience at the London Designer Outlet in Wembley

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You can find Wagamama Restaurant at the London Designer Outlet in Wembley

STAR RATING: Five stars

PRICE: See menu below or on this link – but best to check with restaurant

RESTAURANT: Wagamama Restaurant, London Designer Outlet, Wembley,  104 Wembley Park Blvd, London HA9 0FD  020 8795 2597

CUISINE: Japanese


PARKING: PRICE:The Red Car Park at the London Designer Outlet (prices from January 2022

1 hour: £2; 2 hours: £3; 3 hours: £4; 4 hours: £5; 8 hours: £11; 12 hours: £15;

NEAREST TUBE STATION: Wembley Park (Metropolitan Line)

IF YOU are planning a day out for some shopping and a nice meal to round it off, then the London Designer Outlet in Wembley Park, on the Underground’s Metropolitan Line, should be on your radar. Or you could be on holiday and travelling by car, and fancying a trip somewhere in the capital – lock this into your SatNav destination. They have plenty of parking as long as it’s not on football (soccer) match days or big concert events.

Designer brands are a key attraction in this location

The London Design Outlet has lots of designer brands to whet your appetite and it’s been a frequent hotspot for my family’s shopping. Brands include: Adidas; Calvin Klein; Bhavi; Chapelle; Claire’s; Clarks; Converse; Dune London; Villeroy & Boch 1748; Vans “Off The Wall”; m; Yankee Candle; Zwilling J. A. Henckels;  Holland & Barrett; Huawei; Kurt Geiger; Levis; Lindt; Moss Bros, to name a few.

London Designer Outlet is on four floors, reached by stairs or escalators, with the retail stores being mostly on the ground and first floors. The other floors are dominated by amazing and reasonably-priced restaurants.

Thanks guys for a lovely plate of edible surprises here we come

Creature of habit when it comes to ordering good quality cuisine

My favorite restaurant at the London Designer Outlet in Wembley Park is Wagamama, which serves Asian food based on Japanese cuisine. This restaurant, with its long tables and benches, is part of a British chain of eateries, of which I have grown fond off since I was introduced to Japanese food some years back. They have a great menu with many choices, but the first thing they ask you before you place your order is if you have any allergies. My only allergy is paying the bill, but that doesn’t happen here, as the food is reasonably priced.

Dishes to suit all tastes- but no halal at this eaterie

If you are ordering your food online (click and collect) they have a link to allergy information. Wagamama Otherwise the staff will brief you at the restaurant. Wagamama don’t do halal dishes and their vegetarian options contain alcohol in its sauces, in case you need to know. For those wishing to cut down on their calorie intake, they have vegan dishes like edamame beans served with salt. You pop them out of their pod and enjoy, spending only 246 kcal.

Chicken Katsu Curry is the number one dish at this place

Unlike this guy, I’ve yet to master the art of using chopsticks Photo by Kampus Productions

But being a creature of habit, I always opt for one of two dishes at Wagamama. It’s either a Chicken Katsu Curry, which the restaurant chain claim is their number one dish. They have served it 2.5 million times or a Chilli Chicken Ramen, whose figures I don’t have to hand, but is my number one dish.

Gyoza gets you in the mood for eating more…

But before I have my main, I always like to get myself into the mood with a few side dishes. One of my favorites is gyoza, and these tasty dumplings can come with chicken or vegetables. I dip mine in soya sauce to give it that extra kick. I eat them slowly to enjoy them and then can’t wait for my main.

Bone broth is a rich source for supporting your digestive system

On my last four occasions at Wagamama in Wembley it has been the Chilli Chicken Ramen. The spicy light broth is sensational as it is low in fat and calories, and  is rich in protein. Some health experts praise the dish because of its bone broth which contains a rich source of glutamine. This is the main fuel for the cells of our gut lining, and is supposed to support our digestive system.

There’s only one word for it and for this dish it has to be TASTY!!!

Irrespective of that, there’s only one word for this dish and that is that it is tasty. However, I would go along with the health experts analysis, as on one outing I wasn’t feeling too well and having just had a bowl of this piping hot and spicy dish, my tummy felt truly cleansed. To say it acted like a disinfectant might be too strong, but the stomach didn’t feel jippy after the meal but perfectly fine. I think the chillis did the trick of  getting rid of anything bad in my tummy. This wonderful dish also comes with noodles, chicken, beansprouts, spring onions, coriander, chili and lime. What more could you ask for?

Open-plan kitchen so you can see your food being prepared and cooked before it is put on your table

During my last visit I enjoyed the food so much that I actually did a customer review. The staff are friendly, you can see your meal prepared in the open-plan kitchen and it is delivered to your table with top table service.

Green tea or a cold Asahi suits me right to the ground

There are plenty of drinks, but I usually opt for green tea. If I want an alcoholic beverage, it has to be the Japanese beer Asahi. The beer has a bitter taste and low sweetness and can best be described as smooth with a crisp finish. It also has a rich wheat aroma that will leave you wanting more.

Forget chopsticks – I can dig in with a knife and fork

On balance, I can’t find much fault with Wagamama apart from the fact that I still haven’t mastered the use of chopsticks, though they are kind enough to provide you with a spoon, knife and fork. The restaurant is about a 15-minute walk from Wembley Park Underground Station, which is the easiest way to get there. But if you are travelling by car, they have plenty of parking spaces when there are no big concerts on at Wembley Arena or football (soccer) games at Wembley Stadium.

Perfect to share or pair with meal
Edamame £4.35
wok-fried greens £4.35
raw salad £3.50
goma wakame salad £4.35
pork ribs £6.75
grilled pork bulgogi wraps £5.75
lollipop prawn kushiyaki £6.25
chilli squid £5.80
tori kara age £5.25
mushroom onigiri £5.50
chicken gyoza £5.80
yasai gyoza £5.75
duck gyoza £5.90
ebi gyoza £5.95
pulled pork gyoza £5.90
miso soup and japanese pickles £1.95
a tea-stained egg £1.00
japanese pickles £1.00
kimchee £1.00
chillies £1.00
brown rice £2.00
white rice £2.00
noodles £2.00
Big bowls of Rice, meat and vegetables
cha han £8.25
yasai cha han £7.75
teriyaki donburi (chicken) £9.50
teriyaki donburi (beef) £10.95
chicken katsu curry £9.75
grilled chicken katsu curry £9.75
yasai katsu curry £8.95
raisukaree (chicken) £10.95
raisukaree (prawn) £11.95
surendra’s curry (yasal) £8.95
surendra’s curry (chicken) £10.95
surendra’s curry (tilapia fish) £10.95
kare lomen (chicken) £10.45
kare lomen (prawn) £11.50
itame (chicken) £10.45
itame (prawn) £11.50
itame (yasal) £9.25
Noodles that are cooked on a flat griddle
yaki soba £8.25
yasai yaki soba £7.75
teriyaki soba (salmon) £12.25
teriyaki soba (beef) £13.95
yaki udon £8.95
ginger chicken udon £9.50
wagamama pad-thai (chicken and prawns) £9.95
wagamama pad-thai (yasal) £8.95
Huge bowls of soup and noodles
chicken ramen £8.95
wagamama ramen £10.25
grilled duck ramen £12.95
chilli ramen (chicken) £10.25
chilli ramen (beef) £12.95
saien soba £9.25
pork ramen £9.25
coconut seafood broth £12.95
Chilli Dishes
chilli men (chicken) £10.95
chilli men (prawn) £11.95
yasai chilli men £9.50
firecracker (chicken) £9.95
firecracker (prawns) £10.95
mandarin and sesame chicken salad £10.25
warm tofu chilli salad £9.25
warm chilli chicken salad £9.75
grilled tuna with stir-fried vegetables £11.15
Fresh Juices
All fresh juices are 3.50 (Regular) and 4.50 (Large)

* DISCLAIMER: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.



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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Wagamama Restaurant – great Japanese food and ambience at the London Designer Outlet in Wembley”

  1. Just what I needed a complete breakdown and review of Wagamama a Japanese restaurant I have heard of on many occasion but have never visited. My mind is made up and I will be going down at the weekend. Thank you for letting me know there is one in Wembley. Cannot wait.

    • Thanks Steve for your positive comments. I love a curry and a Chinese, but occasionally it is nice to try something different. I was introduced to Wagamama a few years ago and have not looked back since. The one in Wembley Park is just great for food and ambience. If you are doing shopping at the London Designer Outlet, watching a concert at Wembley Arena or attending a football match at Wembley Stadium, both these venues are just a stone’s throw away from Wagamama, and a great way to end an evening. Hope your visit at the weekend is a good one.


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