Shoes women should take on holiday

WHEN you are going on holiday you usually have a rough idea of what you want to throw into the suitcase. Perhaps a kaftan, a pair of jeans, a few cotton dresses, swimwear and some shades. When it comes to shoes though, that’s when things get difficult.

Be ruthless regarding what to leave behind

You have so many to choose from, and you can’t take the lot. Shoes can be quite heavy and you don’t want to get a fine for having luggage that is too weighty. Also, make sure whatever you take, they are well worn so that you don’t get any corns or bunions.

Lots of plasters need to go first in your suitcase

In fact, before you even start thinking about shoes, take some plasters with you. And, if you are one of those people that has insoles in your shoes, don’t forget to take those. They are not too expensive and will make all the difference.

Below are a few suggestions for your suitcase:

Heels not too high for partying won’t hurt

Party heel – leave the stilettos at home if you’re going to be out partying and dancing into the early hours of the morning. A nice pair of green heels  might do the trick to get the party into swing. Wearing stilettos will just kill your feet.

Take a pair of slides or crocs to relax in

Slides and Crocs – once you’ve recovered from a night of dancing, you might fancy a quiet day by the pool. So slide into a nice pair of slippers. Crocs can often be just as comfortable and come in different colours. Being unisex, you can even get a pair for your fella.

Trainers – after a morning by the pool, you might want to take a stroll into town in your trainers to do some sightseeing and buying souvenirs. Trainers fit nicely with a pair of jeans and are comfortable to walk on sand and cobblestones without fear of blisters. Make sure your trainers are light, comfortable and secure and easy to lace up. Good trainers have mesh material which gives the foot the ability to breathe.

Flat sandals by the beach

Flat sandals – once you have had enough of shopping, it’s time to head back to the beach. You might want to slip into a pair of flat sandals. You might want something classic and elegant with a chain that expose your toes and is open and airy. Alternatively, you may opt for the closed type of sandal. If you expose your toes, remember to put some sunblock on them. You may discover that walking in sandals is more comfortable on bumpy beaches than flip-flops.

Comfy and out for the night

Comfy and laid back – just what you need once you are tired of wearing trainers. Put on these comfy and laid back shoes, roll-up your jeans and head back into town for an al fresco lunch and some drinks.

Hygiene tips before you put on your shoes

It probably goes without saying, but make sure your feet are clean. Moisturize your feet if they are dry, keep a foot file if you need one, cut your toe nails, and use talcum powder to keep your feet dry and fresh.

Flip flops by the pool to avoid any infections

Remember to wear flip flops when using a swimming pool or communal shower to avoid potential infections, and apply some sunscreen if your toes and feet are exposed.

Let us know what shoes you are taking on holiday. We always like to get some feedback from you in our comment section.






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