Sleeping Bag Review – comfortable and 100% waterproof with anti-snag zipper

Product: Viking Trek4 sleeping bag

Best Price: £29.99

Size: 350g filling for adults and children 210cm long including the 30cm hood

Colour: Blue or black

Guarantee: Contact the seller

Rating: 9 out of 10

IT’S difficult to fault this adult and children’s sleeping bag, particularly as it has an anti-snag zipper. How many times have you bought a sleeping bag and the zipper either breaks or gets jammed in the material, so you end up sleeping with it half open with creepy crawlies getting inside.

This one is designed where the zip doesn’t get caught

Well, with this one, it is designed in such a way that the zip is able to close the sleeping bag without it getting caught. So now you are comfy inside, you want to make sure that it is waterproof and I can tell you it is 100% in that department.

No need for extra blankets, this bag keeps you warm

The other plus point that I found is that I don’t need to put extra blankets inside to keep me warm and I don’t get overheated with this sleeping bag. It has what they call “breathable fabric” which means that the inner material takes the moisture away from your body and through the breathable outer shell. The beauty of it was using it on my first trip, where I forgot to bring a pillow and was still able to sleep in it quite comfortably without getting any neck problems. However, there may be people that may need an extra pillow. I’m not one of those.

Can be fun for kids indoors

If you have children they can quite comfortably sleep in it indoors. It may be a bit hard on the floor, but I’m used to a hard surface. My mattress is a memory foam one so it does feel hard when sleeping on it.  Other sleeping bags I have used have been flimsy, but I found this one quite sturdy.

Standards certificate lives up to its ratings

The makers of the product say it has been certified to EN 13537:2012 standards and awarded temperature ratings: Comfort 8°C, Limit 3°C and Extreme -11°C. In effect, this means this is camping, hiking and backpacking sleeping equipment for all weather! I have tried it out in British weather, would be interesting to see how it works in Lapland. Some of my friends have a down sleeping bag which cost four times the Viking and is not synthetic and they have had to wear socks and woollen pyjamas to keep warm.

Velcro tab that hides the zip

The only thing that let’s this sleeping bag down is the velcro tab that closes over at the top of the bag to hide the zip when closed. It doesn’t double over on itself and close so the velcro hooks don’t catch on whatever is in the sleeping bag like blankets and jumpers. It can be a bit of a struggle to get it back in the bag, but that’s due to the good quality material which adds warmth, but has the benefit of being light when strapped together to carry. A down sleeping bag which is non-synthetic would be more compressible and take less space if you tried to fit it into a backpack, but on the negative side, if it got wet would create a problem.

How long will my sleeping bags last

If you look after this sleeping bag it could last for at least five years. This one is made of high-quality polyester material with strong stitches and seams, so could last even longer. It depends how you look after it. A friend of mine said his one lasted more than five years, but he gave it a lot of care. I have had mine for around a year and have used it at least three times and it is still going strong. A good way of extending you bag’s longevity is to invest in a sleeping bag liner. This will protect your bag from tears and other damage. It will also help to keep it clean .

Synthetic versus animal products

If you wanted a sleeping bag that would last even longer, then you may have to compromise on price and opt for a down sleeping bag insulated with duck feathers. If you are against anything made from animal products then it is best you stick with the Viking which is synthetic.
If you are overweight you may find the Viking difficult to get into. I’m not exactly slim, perhaps a little on the big size, and I found it okay to slip into. Getting out of it was not too difficult either.

Easier to clean

Synthetic sleeping bags like Viking are easier to clean than down bags and they dry quicker. Just put it in the washing machine and then dry it but use a lower heat. You can also dry it by putting it out on a washing line. The Viking comes in two dark colors – black and blue. My favorite color is black, but my wife prefers the blue color. I guess if you are in a tent and it is night time, if it is blue. the chances are that you might see it better.

Viking is great value

In conclusion, even though synthetic sleeping bags like the Viking may have their faults, when it comes to warmth, this sleeping bag is very impressive. Technically it is more superior than its predecessors and any down sleeping bag. It is lighter to carry, and outperforms down sleeping bags in wet conditions.  Sleeping bags can cost up £50 or $75 dollars, so this one is very good value for money at around £30 or nearly $40 US dollars. That means you can buy more than one which is a treat. Whether a real Viking has ever slept in a Viking sleeping bag is not known, though, he or she would have been pleasantly surprised. Sleeping bags can be fun to have and with children can be used in the house or if the kids want to play scouts, put your Viking out in the garden under a tent.


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8 thoughts on “Sleeping Bag Review – comfortable and 100% waterproof with anti-snag zipper”

  1. Sleeping bags are definitely comfy for camping out, and I like how soft and cozy they are when sleeping out in an open space outdoors. I never knew that waterproof sleeping bags ever exist, but after reading your review there is always something for everyone. Having a waterproof sleeping bag will sure come in handy when camping outdoors, especially if it rains.

    Great review! 

    • Hi Terence, you won’t go wrong with this sleeping bag. It keeps you warm, keeps out the nasty critters, and if you
      zip it out properlyit keeps you snug and waterproof. What’s great about this sleeping bag is it’s not just practical but fun to use, especially if you have children. I’ve tried a few in my time, and this one stands out from the rest. 

  2. Having used a sleeping bag for more than a few months every day I would say that for me there are two things that really matter. The most important one is the zip doesn’t get caught. The one I had, had this problem and every morning I was constantly fighting with it. This is a major one. And the second being water-proof. This one has both of them so I would place it way above some other I had looked recently.

    • Hi Stratos, the anti-snag zipper definately works, so you can get a good night’s kip in this one and you don’t have to do a Houdini routine to wriggle out of it. For me, it fits pretty comfy, and I’m not the skinniest of guys. Living in the UK I need a sleeping bag that does keep out the rain, and this one meets nearly all of my expectations.

  3. Hi there

    Excellent article. I really enjoyed the reading. 

    My children and I do often camping in the wilderness. So we are looking for sleep bags of high quality and not too expensive. 

    I would like to know if the Viking Trek 4 is warm enough for a night camping in the desert? The night are freezing and the days are hot in the desert. Do you think the Viking Trek 4 sleeping bag suit this type of trip?

    Thank you

    • Hi Daniella, good to get some positive feedback. Sleeping bags can be a bit of a bind, especially trying to find the right one. And it’s good to know that you don’t have to be a Viking to get a good night’s sleep in this one. I’ve not slept in the desert so can’t answer your question, but I have survived in the rainy British climate without getting wet. And the sleeping bag does have a feature which does stop you from getting too hot and sweaty. I might have to reconsider next year’s holiday plans and pack my sleeping bag – head out for the desert and put it to the test.

  4. I have always have been an outdoors type of person and I always enjoy reading reviews that are comprehensive in there coverage and give personal opinion.

    It is obvious that you have done your homework on this review and I thank you, as it has saved me a considerable amount of time. Now that we are freeing up our lives after the pandemic we can start enjoying the outdoors again. I for one can’t wait.

    For less than 30 pounds I am quite happy to live with the small problems of the Velcro tab.

    I have bought many sleeping bags in the past from high end, high cost to lower cost and sometimes quality product.

    The one thing I have discovered is that just because you can pay a lot of money for something, doesn’t mean it is comfortable. And when you are sleeping out at night the one thing, or two, you need are comfort and warmth.

    If I can spend as little as this and have a good nights sleep, you will have a customer.


    • Hi Steve, thanks for liking my review. Like yourself, I have spent lots of money on sleeping bags thinking I would get value for money and it hasn’t worked out for me. Therefore I am glad at last, that I have found a sleeping bag that I can sleep in that keeps me warm and in comfort. If you have a family of four, it’s also a bonus as you can probably buy more than one, and still save yourself some money. I really appreciate your feedback.


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