Suitable clothes for a winter holiday

YOU have to stick the boot in and get the job done. So if you are going away for a winter holiday this year – then you’d better start packing now! And here’s a few ideas as to what you need to put in that dusty suitcase.

But before you get that suitcase down from the wardrobe, check out the weather. You don’t want to be carrying heavy coats to a country sizzling in sunshine. However, it doesn’t hurt to prepare for the unexpected.

WINTER BOOTS FOR MEN – A good winter boot for a man has to be one that is warm and comfortable. For me it has to be something that can be just as suitable at home as it is climbing a mountain or walking to work. A good boot has to be made of high quality PU leather, with a nice fur-lined interior. Lace is always preferable, making it more adjustable for your foot. The Arrigo Bello is good for snow, walking and hiking, and highly fashionable.

WINTER BOOTS FOR WOMEN – They have to be warm and waterproof. Leather with a rubber sole, a regular slip on with flat heel.

WOOLLEN SOCKS FOR MEN are essential to keep the feet warm. If the wool is high-quality, the feet will feel fresh and cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wool can control moisture, is soft which prevents it from itching, wear resistant, and provides a good base layer against the skin.

WOOLLEN SOCKS FOR WOMEN – have to be warm, breathable and offer great comfort.  Knee-high wool socks are best worn in cold winter weather. Merino wool helps to keep moisture away from your skin, making it easier to wear for longer periods of time.

UNISEX SLOUCH BEANIE  – You can get a beanie that works for both men and women. Beanies are generally used in cold winter months for general use, but can be used for snowboarding, skiing and other sports. A good pull on beanie will be lined with a fleece and can stretch to fit all head sizes.

HEAVY COAT FOR MEN – make sure your coat has long sleeves and can withstand heavy rain during those long winter months. You may also consider a coat that has been made from recycled fabrics such as polyester and can be machine washed. Some jackets can be worn three ways – as an inner lightweight jacket, an outer waterproof shell and both to keep warm. Make sure the zipper works and that the fabric allows your perspiration to pass out from your coat, keeping you comfortable and cool.

HEAVY COAT FOR WOMEN – A heavy-weight diamond quilted knee length puffer coat can see you through the winter months. Make sure yours has an essential layer which not only looks stylish but keeps you warm. Usually good for machine wash, with zipper and 100 per cent polyester will do.

DOWN JACKET FOR MEN – A good microlight jacket is perfect for alpine adventures as well as holidays closer to home. If it comes in Pertex Quantum Ripstop Nuylon it is windproof and breathable.

DENIM FOR MEN – There’s nothing like denim to keep you warm. Get a good loose fitting pair which is lightweight and flexible when you move. You want multiple pockets and a nice logo to get some attention. Cotton and Elastane works for me.

DENIM FOR WOMEN  – Skinny jeans with a high waist can be comfy and warm.

SWEATER FOR WOMEN –  Turtleneck sweaters are great at keeping out the cold and you can get some nice tops with braided knit material which are comfortable to rweat. A nice chunky, over-sized sweater is just what you need.

SWEATER FOR MEN – A good chunky casual looking sweater with plenty of yarn will keep you warm. Make sure it has long sleeves, a nice colour and is machine washable.

FLEECE-LINED LEGGINGSTight leggings with a high waist and thermal fur fleece will keep you nice and warm. Extra soft, extra thick – great for the indoors and outdoors.

FLEECE LAYERS – Best keep warm with long-sleeve fleece top.    

FLANNELS – A good selection of quality face clothes will keep you warm keep you warm.

The top 10 winter packing list is as follows:

  1. Winter boots
  2. Wool socks
  3. Beanies
  4. Heavy coat
  5. Down Jacket
  6. Denim
  7. Sweater
  8. Fleece-lined leggings
  9. Fleece layers
  10. Flannels






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