TeyToy Building Blocks Review – helps children’s brain development

Product: TeyToy Building Blocks

Price: £24.99

Age Group: 4-8

Child Development: Sensory toys for kid’s brain development

Material: Non-toxic plastic

Rating: 9

What can you do? You’ve got a five-year-old kid and you’re taking him on a two-hour flight to Europe. Is he going to sleep? Do pigs fly? Not even Peppa Pig. Well, that’s why I invested in a Tey Toy Building Blocks toy, to keep the young rascal busy and amused.

It’s amazing what you can build with these little plastic bricks. In fact, you might end up enjoying it more than the child you bought it for. I certainly did, which I suppose defeats the object. But I suppose, there is a child in all of us.

Toy kept my son busy

Anyway, this toy is for a four to an eight-year-old, and it certainly kept him busy for half an hour, at least. It would have been a miracle if it had been the full two hours. But that wouldn’t have been possible with all the interruptions like putting your seat belt on, taking it off, having a meal, going to the toilet, stretching your legs.

Multi-colored bricks are fun to use

These bricks come in all colors – red, green, blue, yellow – so they are fun to use. They are classed as sensory toys which means they help kids learn while they are playing. That must mean something – value for money?

See what great things you can build

Children can get mighty creative with these 150 pieces of bristle shapes. Mine certainly did. They built a car, house, even attempted to do a robot with a square face. The blocks are easy to attach which is another bonus point, though on a couple of occasions the bricks did not stick.

Lives up to what it says

The makers say: “This versatile and creative toy enables children to develop science, technology, engineering and math skills with their hands, improve hand-eye coordination, and gain a strong sense of color, counting, sorting, concentration and concentration.” This is high praise and justified.

Don’t step on one of these

My only reservation with this toy is that you keep an eye on your child. Kids always put things in their mouth, so you have to be careful. Also, you don’t want to step on one of these in the dark – though a Lego brick is much tougher. Other than that, a great toy to keep a child occupied.

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