July suitcases among best in the world

The July suitcase is arguably one of the best in the world for travelling and it offers you a lifetime guarantee, plus a 100-day trial if you decide to change your mind.

  This stylish case which makes you feel first class is designed to hold the maximum that’s allowed inside the cabin for most airlines, that’s 3.4kg weight, capacity 42L.

  Its dimensions including wheels are: 55cm H x 38.5cm W x 21.5cm D. Excluding wheels dimensions are 51cm H x 37cm W x 21.5cm D.

You can’t knock the aluminium bumpers in this case

Top of the list for its good points is the unique eggshell shape crush-proof carbonate German shell, which has reinforced aluminium bumpers, and is both water resistant, and comes with stain-proof nylon lining laundry bag.

  The suitcase not only packs a punch but has a great look with its leather finishes on nylon straps and YKK Japanese zippers. 

It has been tried and tested with more than 4,000 reviews, which have helped fix any problems, and get it to the product standard that it is today.

Wheely good on cobbled streets

  The case has double wheels which makes them travel smoother even on cobbled streets and have less chance of tipping over than single wheels.

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Plug your charger into the suitcase and feel recharged

  Another selling point is the twin-bar handle which is nicer to hold. You can also charge your phone and laptop by just plugging it into your case.

  The Australian company which also offers trunks, backpacks and duffel bags, can personalise your suitcase and provide luggage tags that come in 11 different fonts. Serif, bold, block, signature and bubble to name a few. it also offers free shipping to Canadian and US customers.

Bad points for this product too few to mention

There are very few bad points to mention about this product. This includes a slightly higher price tag, its color and size selection which compared to other companies is quite limited, and it’s difficult to assess its quality due to the lack of knowledge regarding its construction and materials.

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Got the suitcase? Get moving…

Overall this suitcase meets most needs despite its price tag. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. So now that you have got the suitcase, it’s time to get on the plane.

The price tag is: £245 plus £45 to personalise your suitcase. 


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