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Free Couple Crossing Road with a Suitcase Stock PhotoBefore you go out and buy some hand luggage, you need to work out what hand luggage is. You don’t want to, for example, buy a small suitcase by mistake, and then get told by the airline that you have to pay extra.

So size, quality and durability is all-important.

When it comes to size, there are slight variations as to what hand luggage is, so it is best to consult with your airline. Some airlines may include a suitcase’s wheels and trolley handle as part of the measurements.

But the general rule is one item no larger than 55x40x20 cm in size, and 10kg in weight – but like I said, these may vary.

Don’t think that because a manufacturer has labelled a bag as cabin or hand luggage, that’s what  it is. If it doesn’t meet the airline’s requirements, it will be taken away and put in cargo hold.

  • Whatever takes your fancy and you choose to buy, I will earn a small commission, which will not affect your price.
  1. Antler Clifton Suitcase – cabin size – slick – but comes at a premium

  2. ATX Luggage – cabin size and super lightweight  – more economical 

  3. Flight Knight Set of 2 Luggage-soft case but durable

1. Antler Clifton Suitcase – cabin size but coms with a premium


This hard-shelled cabin suitcase measures 20 x 40 x 55 cm with a packing capacity of 37 litres and is accepted by most airlines.

It’s made from polycarbonate, a strong material, which is why Clifton offer customers a lifetime guarantee.

The case is lightweight and with its wheels is easy to manoeuvre. It has anti-theft locks which are TSA approved, which gives you peace of mind.

The high quality case which doesn’t come cheap features flexible carry handles, four interior pockets, a zip closure and interior compartments.

This case is good for family holidays, business trips and weekend getaways.


The colour is great but more importantly it is strong and has class. Everything about it exudes quality and a well finished product

Beautiful suitcase, excellent quality, very sturdy with good locks, and the wheels work easily.

The suitcase comes with a lifetime’s guarantee as the company Antler, which has a solid reputation in the industry, has been around for more than 100 years.

The suitcase is anti-theft proof and has sufficient compartments and  compression straps for its use. If you are going to splash out, go for this cabin-size suitcase.


The internal proportions of the Antler are much smaller than some would expect, and certainly you wouldn’t be able to get much more than a couple of days of clothes and a pair of shoes in there. The cabin size suitcase is seen very much a weekend case and not one for a three to four-day trip.

You might find the price for this suitcase too much. There are cheaper alternatives like the Amazon Basics Hardside Carry-On, which is more than half the price of the Antler.


If you are looking for a quality cabin size suitcase that costs slightly over the odds, then go for the Antler. There are cheaper alternatives, but they don’t look so slick and may not be as hard-wearing as this one. It comes with secure locks and has a lifetime guarantee.


The ATX comes at a very fair price for what it offers. The dimensions of the 21 inch cabin size case is 55x36x20 cm, Weight: 2.5kg, Capacity: 33 Litre.

The small suitcase is made from premium ABS material which is durable and lightweight and the company that makes it believes it to be the “world’s lightest luggage” available currently at marketplace.

It also has an amazing built-in 3 digit lock feature that helps you to secure your belongings and four dual spinner wheels which are designed for almost every kind of surface. It is effectively marketed as the “perfect cabin case for traveling”. It has a strong adjustable metal telescopic handle and a small top grab handle with extra padding which gives you a little extra comfort to your traveling.

The firm says: ” If You’re Not Satisfied, We Are Not Satisfied”. This lightweight suitcase gives you fantastic value for money and has a one-year warranty, which gives you peace of mind. The suitcase is approved by Ryanair, EasyJet, BA, Jet2 and many more airlines.


Travel was easy with 4 wheels and lightweight for a hard shell case. Does what it says on the tin. Really nice big orange suitcase. Feels very sturdy and good quality material. It kept my things safe and unbroken during the flight. Have sorted out the code for the locking mechanism and it works, no problem. Really like my new case and can’t wait to use it for my next holiday.


Would have preferred it to be expandable. It is a good suitcase, and easy to see when you are at baggage claim. But the problem was the zipper. It wasn’t full, but once I picked up the bag, the zipper had burst open on the top. And once after I packed, in the morning, it had burst open on the side. The divider inside is a bit flimsy though. It tore after 1 use. I still use it, and overall it is good. Just make sure that it has closed properly. But otherwise good value for money.

It is great value for money for what it is. Being a small suitcase it is one for a short holiday. But ideal if you just want to take it onboard as it meets all the requirements. Any problems with it, the company will deal with it. You are covered with a one-year guarantee.

This small cabin bag has been specifically designed so it can be taken on board most airlines such as easyJet, Ryanair (Priority Boarding), British Airways, Jet2, Air France, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, Delta, Turkish Airlines and many more. It measures 45x36x20 cm (including handle and wheels) which is the maximum approved size. On the easyJet  it will fit under the seat in front of you.

The cabin 18 inch dimensions are: 45x36x20cm (All Parts), 42x35x20cm (Body), Weight: 2.1Kg, Capacity: 29L. 

The rugged anti-scratch water resistant rigid textile outer shell of this suitcase is made from strong and durable polyester to withstand the rigours of modern transport and airline handling, protecting your contents during your travels.

It comes with a 3-digit combination barrel padlock to lock the zips together for added security.

The case has an adjustable push button 4-step telescoping handle system, which  offers effortless movement during travel. The fully-lined interior and the multi-use organizational pockets make packing clothes easy.

There is a 2 wheel design for full manoeuvrability tested extensively on different surfaces and conditions to ensure endurance and strength. Available in a variety of colours and size combinations so you can make the perfect purchase for your next trip by plane, train, vessel, coach or car.

And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, Flight Knight pride themselves on the quality and durability of their hard-shell cabin luggage cases; to this extent all products are backed by a five-year warranty replacement service covering all manufacturing defects. You can buy it with absolute confidence.


The cabin case was the correct size for overhead cabins when I flew on easyJet. It was the perfect size for the budget airlines restrictions and was well made. I loved the internal space and all the compartments, side pockets – it was great for your documents. Despite it being a soft case, there was plenty of space to cram in clothing and presents for a two-week holiday.


My only disappointment was there was no  internal straps, so if not full, clothing moves around a lot. The combination padlocks did their job, but did appear to be very flimsy.


When you have a soft case you feel as though you can cram in that little extra and that’s how it felt with this case. I went on a two-week holiday and had enough space in the case to fit everything I needed. It was sturdy despite being given a knockabout at the airport. Everything stayed in the case and was secure. When you get to the airport you always fret that the case will be too big to get onboard as hand luggage for free. This case didn’t let me down. It was well worth it.

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