Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Mini Wallet Review – small, smart and sensible

Product: Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Johnson Mini Wallet

Price: £35.94

Material: Leather with Polyester inside

Size: Height 8cm x 10cm width

Rating: 9


IF YOU are looking for a quality product and if that is a wallet, then steer your gaze towards this Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Mini Wallet. Not only does it reek of quality, as it is leather, but it celebrates its style with a nice, not too big motif showing off its quality brand and craftsmanship.

Wallet is a travel essential

When you go on holiday, the five most important things you need to take with you are a passport, travel insurance, medication, collapsible water bottle, cash and credit cards.

Having been in need of a wallet for a long time, this welcome Christmas present was just up my street. It fitted in neatly in my back and side pocket, was slick and not too heavy to carry.

Doesn’t meet all needs, but what does?

That’s not to say this is a wallet that meets all needs. If you want one that has a pocket for coins, is big enough to holds your mobile, and even bigger to keep your passport, then this wallet is not it.

I’ve always carried big and bulky wallets jammed packed with everything, so having  a Tommy Hilfiger Wallet with six slots, for credit, debit and any other cards, was a big departure for me.

Mini wallet that fits in back pocket

You don’t need to take that many notes these days. Most people use their mobiles to pay for things. The phone has become the new office. So having a small wallet is there to provide that extra back up option in case the self-service machine only takes cash or you need to insert your card in the bank or post office.

Happy and proud to show it to the world

In all, when I am out shopping, I am proud to pull it out of my pocket and show it to the world. I would definitely recommend it. If you have a Tommy Hilfiger Wallet, I would love to get your feedback in the comments section below.







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