TOMOYi Casual Travel Bag Review – fits the mobile, and all your banknotes, credit, debit and store cards in one

IN this world there are at least 21 different types of wallets –  Bifold Wallet, Trifold, Slim, Money Clip, etc, and each one of these wallets has merits to its name, but for me it has to be the one wallet that keeps everything under one roof, and that’s got to be the TOMOYi Travel Bag. It fits everything in one place. It fits everything in one place.

Compatible for most mobiles including iPhone

The cross-body shoulder cellphone bag is compatible to all smartphones less than 6.4 inches. This includes my Samsung Galaxy S9, and a whole range of others such as the X Xs Xr 8Plus 7 Plus 6 Plus Iphone 6/5/4, and Huawei, Large. There are also other pockets which neatly fit my bank notes, debit, credit and store cards.

Wallet exterior is made from faux leather

Because of the quality of the wallet, I know that it will last a long time. In the past I have had cheap wallets which have disintegrated over time. This one has an exterior made from faux leather and the interior is polyester.

Comes with an adjustable strap which works for me

What I like about it most is that it has a strap that is adjustable, so I can carry it over my shoulder. It also works as a cross-body shoulder pouch or a single over the shoulder pouch.

Keep it under my jacket where no one can see it

I like to carry it under my jacket so that  I know that it is there but does not attract too much attention.

Nice zipper pockets for keys and coins

The wallet has two zipper pockets, so I can fit my keys in one and coins in the other. The only thing I don’t like about it is the color. I got it as a present so can’t complain. If it had been in black, I would have given it a 10.

Everything’s in one safe place

Also, there are occasions when I think – should I have all my eggs in one basket? What if I lose it. Then everything’s gone. But at least the comforting thing is that I know it is all in one place, so I know where to find everything. But don’t take my word for it. Try out all the different wallets and make your mind up on the basis with what you are most comfortable with.

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Product: TOMOYi Travel Bag

Price: £13.69

Material: Leather with Polyester

Size: 6.4 inches

Rating: 9

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