Trespass Memow Pillow Review – neck support for plane, car and train travel

Product: Trespass Memow Travel Neck Support Pillow

Amazon price: £10.49

Size: 60 x 30 x 40 cm

Colour: Grey

Quality: Polyester

Weight: 0.14 kilograms

Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 40 centimetres

My rating: 8/10

IT’S OBVIOUS that the best night’s sleep will be in your bed, but having a Trespass Memow travel Neck Support Pillow may be your second best option if you are travelling for hours on a plane, bus or car.

Almost as comfy as being in bed back home

When I tried this one it had memory foam and felt like my mattress – soft, warm and comfortable – just like my bed. Most people put their neck support pillow around the back of their neck with the gap at the front. For me, I flipped it and reversed it, and it felt that much more comfortable. In fact, it was so comfortable with its velvet-made lining, that even though I wanted to sleep, my head was in the perfect position to watch a film – one so gripping, that I couldn’t nod off.

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Make sure pillow cover feels fresh and clean

The beauty of the Trespass is that it has a snap button which keeps the pillow nice and tight. That worked for me. I don’t have too thick a neck, so can’t complain. The neck pillow has a cover which I had washed before going on holiday, so it felt fresh and clean around my neck.

I can hold it together, but that’s just me

Some people might not think it’s cool wearing a neck pillow. However, I threw caution to the wind, put my health and well-being above all other considerations. I didn’t have to wear it all the time – but when I wanted to sleep I did. Usually my head tilts to one side, but with my Trespass, I seem to manage to hold it together. That’s not to say, it works for everyone.

For some people they can wake up and have a slight back ache, but not me. Occasionally, when I have worn it for long periods of time it can get a little  hot and sweaty. But what’s perfect? The same could happen if I wrapped myself up in a blanket.

Don’t inflate or deflate – get’s my approval

What I like about this pillow is that it doesn’t inflate or deflate. Don’t just take my word for it, other Amazon customers have given it close to top marks. Only a few have been mildly critical. For what it is, the Trespass is excellent value for money. The last thing you want is a neck ache when you get to your destination, and this thing helps to some degree to keep your head and neck in place.

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Kids like wearing them – so don’t leave the little ones out

If you have kids then you don’t want to leave them out. Neck pillows are available in all sort of colours like this orange Trunki Kid’s travel Neck Pillow and Chin Support Yondi Small Mylo Monkey 1

If you are a frequent traveller, then the Trespass is a good investment. Otherwise, if you don’t travel too much, you might get away with not having one.

Let me know what your experiences are with wearing a neck pillow in the comments section below.





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