Want to be entertained while travelling?

There comes a point when you don’t want to look out of a train window anymore, when your eyes are tired from watching a two-hour movie on a screen and your fingers are tired from flicking the next page of a book.

YouTube entertainment

I’ve created my own entertainment by producing YouTube videos. They are small niblets of fun which I hope you can enjoy. If you find them amusing, please feel free to subscribe to my channel and like the content.

Hope your journey is not too long. Here goes…

Superhero UktheNuke battles the Huylanders

UktheNuke (see above) was a play I wrote when Russia invaded Crimea and started a war in the east of the country. UktheNuke was a super hero whose plan was to destroy the nuclear arsenal of his enemy. It was a battle between the good guys (Uklanders) and the bad guys (Huylanders).

The play tackled the issues of bullying, the destruction of culture and language – something which is now happening in Ukraine with Putin’s war.

Sushi Girls – a tribute to my friend Kei Ota and his country Japan

I used to have a business taking in foreign students and one of them was the late Kei Ota who was from Japan. He helped finance this play, which was a comedy about two Japanese girls who come to London to study English. It looks at British and Japanese culture from both sides.

Playback Time – a powerful story of love, betrayal and forgiveness

Premiered on Radio Kozachok, Ukraine’s first radio station in UK, Playback Time paints a powerful story of love, betrayal and forgiveness. Originally written as a stage play in the English language, playwright Tony Leliw turned it into a radio drama, working in collaboration with British-Ukrainian actress Lesia Melnyk.

Playback Time features British and Ukrainian actors and is about two elderly women living out their last days in a care home recounting their life stories to each other. Mavis tells how she lived through the Blitz during the Second World War, when Germans were dropping bombs on London. Nataliya rewinds her story back to the days of the Holodomor, the Ukrainian famine, which was artificially created, and how she survived.

Play inspired by journalists who were not afraid to report the truth

Mavis is played by Anna Kirke and Nataliya by Lesia Melnyk. The play was directed by Kevin Stemp, who has won best actor awards. The rest of the cast includes: Paul Beech and Roxanna Batoryk-Leliw.

British-Ukrainian journalist Tony Leliw was inspired to write this play by meeting relatives of Malcolm Muggeridge and Gareth Jones, who wrote about the famine while other journalists tried to hide the facts. Also, by the testimonies of Holodomor survivors who settled in Britain.

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