What A Picture! A Painting Holiday

Soak up the stress-free atmosphere of a painting holiday

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WOULDN’T IT be nice to grab an easel, some brushes and paints, park yourself on a stool like this guy somewhere in an idyllic spot, and then start producing a magnificent work of art.

There are lots of painting holidays around the world, where you pay for a tutor, and get accommodation and materials thrown in. You could be capturing the magic of Cornwall, being inspired by the twisting medieval streets of Sicily, or sketching the white bark pine of Yosemite Valley.

Let’s face it, what you need is new surroundings to get those creative juices flowing. Use this holiday as an opportunity to relax and not get too stressed out. You won’t need to bring a souvenir home, as your painting will be just that – a lovely memory of the place you have been that will need a frame when you get home.


Ohuhu Oil Paint Set, 24 Oil-Based Colors, Artists Paints Oil Painting Set, 12ml x 24 Tubes Great Mother's Day Back to School Gifts IdealImagine you are the artist in the picture above, you’re nearly there with your final brush strokes, you just need that last touch, a dab of black acrylic paint, and it’s not in your art box. What can you do? The answer: It looks like that dab of black will have to be brown. What a tragedy, it’s an accident that needn’t happen.

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you must have a checklist of things to bring with you on your painting holiday. You’ve got your passport and ticket, but the eraser and apron have been left on the kitchen table. Once you have all your stuff, get yourself a big bag to put it all in. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


I would be very interested in hearing about your Painting Holiday. Author and blogger Leo Babauta wrote: “Packing light isn’t hard, until you run against the ‘Just In Case’ Syndrome.”

Drop me a comment below about your experiences. It’s always good to learn from other people’s mishaps, but also if you can offer any more tips, they will be gratefully received.

One artist told me: “I need comfortable shoes to feel relaxed. I also need clothing that I can easily move my arms and legs.” It doesn’t get any  better than that.” Another said: “A bag on wheels to cart all those materials around including your easel is very useful.”

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