What I Need For A Camping Trip

Bedding down for the night after a day of camping

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WITH MOST people opting for a staycation this year, what better way to escape the office or home than by going camping. Remember what you learnt as a boy scout or girl guide? Well, if you can, then you could put that useful knowledge to some good use this summer.


Imagine rolling out of your tent’s sleeping bag and taking in that fresh country air, before using a cooking stove to make yourself a Full English Breakfast – eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and toast – then heading out into the fields for a nice long walk. Then once the day is done, sitting outside by a campfire, singing songs like Ging Gang Goolie and taking in the midnight sky.

But before you make that dream holiday into the wilderness, you have to pack some essentials for that trip. Top of your list is a tent but the size is determined by the number of people sleeping in the tent. The general rule of thumb is to aim for one or more people than you need. That way you will not be cramped. And crucially, don’t forget to bring the pegs to hold up the tent. A tool kit will work a treat.


To ensure comfort in the tent, bring some air bags,  good-quality sleeping bags, blankets and a tarpaulin to keep you warm. Even on sunny days, the evenings still get cold. If you venture out, a compass or a charged GPS is essential, should you get lost.

A picnic table and chairs are a must to relax on. A comfortable lounger might be nice if you want to relax in the sunshine. That means bring some suntan lotion and if there are midges, insect repellent.

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If you get caught short in the evening, a torch plus extra batteries will get you to where you want to go. A lantern in the tent will allow you to enjoy that midnight feast, unless off course, you are sitting by a camp fire. In that case, matches will be necessary if you’re baking potatoes, hot dogs or heating up those marshmallows.

A camping stove will need the correct fuel. And if you are cooking meals, don’t forget to bring baked beans and bread. You will also need pots, pans and  some decent cutlery, not to mention a dishcloth and black plastic bags to clear up all the mess.


A water bottle and jerry can with extra supplies for washing dishes and for drinking will come in handy. And if someone catches a stomach bug or cuts their finger using a Stanley knife, a  first aid kit  should be available.

If you are staying in a campsite, your mobile will be useful to call the campsite owners to make sure your reservation has been confirmed.

You can contact the UK  Camping and Caravaning Club on  024 7647 5426.


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Top destinations

There are plenty of great places to go camping in the UK. Among the top spots are: Gill Head Farm, Cumbria; Canal Camping, Norfolk; Cilrath Wood Camping, Pembrokeshire; and Bert’s Kitchen Garden, Wales; Birds & Bees, Suffolk; Loch Lomond And The Trossachs, Scotland; and Finchingfield Camping in Essex.

Outside of the UK, top destinations include: Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand; The Alps in France; Hossa National Park, Finland; Zion National Park, Utah, USA; and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Happy Camping.

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