What is the best suitcase I need to buy?

It’s time to go on holiday and that suitcase stuck on top of your wardrobe looks too tired to make the trip. The lock is broken, it’s badly scoffed, and it needs to be confined to the Jurassic Park of suitcases.

So now you go on Amazon and all the other sites where you can buy a suitcase, and you are bombarded with luggage in all shapes and sizes. Your head is left spinning.

Answers to questions

But before you make your decision on what to buy, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Am I going on a long holiday? If you are, you will need a large suitcase  – maybe more than  one? You will be taking lots of clothes.

If it’s a short holiday, will a cabin size suitcase be sufficient? Or can I get away with a duffel bag, if it’s just a short weekender?

Some suitcases are hard, others soft. If you are taking something fragile, then go for hard. Otherwise go for soft. Some soft bags have locks, others zips.

Some have lots of compartments, for small things like keys, documents and socks. Others have fewer. How old are you? Have you the strength to carry a suitcase or do you want one with wheels?

What are the restrictions?

Consider the weight and size limitations of the airline you are travelling on. The answer to that question is generally suitcases should not be taller than 24 inches, wider than 16 inches or deeper than 10 inches.

What is your budget? Do you want a top of the range suitcase, or a less expensive economy one? Do you want a case that stand out from the rest when you pick it off the airport carousel?

And don’t forget the kids. They need to take a suitcase too.

  • Whatever takes your fancy and you choose to buy, I will earn a small commission, which will not affect your price.

In a recent survey these brands came tops in the suitcase stakes. Below are a few suitcases you may wish to consider.

  • July
  • American Tourister
  • Aristocrat.
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Skybags.
  • VIP.
  • Antler is a recommended British-made brand which is luxurious, spacious and durable for a two-week holiday. Its Clifton range is particularly popular. Packing cubes (find link) are also recommended to stop socks and T-shirts from creasing.

Here are my personal best three suitcases.

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