What jewellery to wear on your holiday

Give your holiday a sparkle by wearing jewellery when you are out and about 

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THE FIRST people to wear jewellery were those who now live in present-day Iran, around 400 BC. The precious pieces on their attire were stone amulets and seals which denoted spiritual themes and brought good luck. Ever since then we’ve been in love with jewellery, whether it has been a ring, a pendant, silver bracelet, earrings or a simple stud. Jewellery is very much like clothes – in some ways the two go together.

Jewellery has to match the clothes you are wearing

What you wear in summer is totally different from what you put on in winter. Also, the type of look you want to portray is very important. If you want to look bohemian, then you match your clothes to the bracelets and bangles. Popular are Infinity bracelets,  date back to Tibetan and Indian culture. They represent eternal and spiritual love – not to mention standing up for women empowerment.

Necklace for a romantic dinner will add sparkle

If you were seeking a more traditional look, you might want to wear an expensive necklace for that romantic candlelight dinner. If you are out sightseeing, then it would be best to put that one away and opt for a less expensive choice. Maybe something lightweight but with plenty of sparkle, that would not cause a major upset if it got lost.

Among holidaymakers the classic hoop earring is a must. It looks plain and simple and can come in some amazing colours like gold, which can really add to what you are wearing. If you want something even more elegant, then marble drop earrings could be a wise choice or even pearl stud earrings – considered the black dress of jewellery – which are easy to wear and fit in with any holiday plans.

Don’t wear your prized jewels

You may decide not to bring your prized jewels with you on holiday. That means engagement ring and any other jewellery of great value. I would recommend wearing something more relaxing and less expensive, but still stylish, opting to leave your crown jewels at home or in the hotel safe. Imagine if your family heirloom or your sentimental piece of jewellery went missing, it could ruin your holiday. Never take expensive rings with you to the beach as they could easily slip off while you are swimming. Also, be aware of where you are travelling. If it’s an area with a bad reputation, be discreet and hide your jewellery, particularly a necklace which can get ripped off your body by a passing thief. When you are travelling to the airport make sure you are either wearing it or it is in your hand luggage.

How the other ‘arf lives

Men usually either don’t wear jewellery because they think it is effeminate. Personally I don’t wear more than a wedding ring, but others go to the other extreme. Depending on how much you spend on jewellery, like women, you have to be careful with what you wear and when you wear it. Cufflinks might not seem like jewellery, but these days they can be quite expensive if they are made of white gold and platinum. If you’re attending a posh function during your holiday then shirt studs and waistcoat buttons will be appropriate. Apart from the wedding ring, some men like to wear additional rings such as one on their thumb, middle finger as well as a pinky ring. If you are dressing up then go the full hog and add to your collection a tie bar or tie clip, a pocket watch with a chain and maybe a necklace and bracelet.

Don’t overdo it man

Too much jewellery can attract the wrong sort of attention and suddenly a piece of jewellery could go missing. If you are trying to impress with a brand name piece, be careful. If you overdo it with the jewellery, then it’s bling,and depending on what you might be wearing, you could take it as a compliment rather than a disparaging remark. A wedding band on one hand and a ring on the other is sufficient. Also, think about size. A big stone on your ring might impress but a smaller one may prove to look more elegant.

French fashion designer Coco Chanel once said that it was always good to look in the mirror and then take away one accessory. This advice could quite easily be followed by men. It can be said that one loud piece of jewellery is sufficient and the  intensity of the rest should be scaled down. Wear things according to size. A big guy with chubby fingers will suit a large ring, but a thin person will look better in something more delicate. It should also match your clothes.

How to keep you jewellery safe

These days, couples who go on holiday are advised to get their jewellery insured in case it gets lost or stolen. Keep an inventory of what you are taking and make a detailed description and take photos in case you need to pass it on to police and your insurance company. It might be difficult, but you have to decide what you really will wear. Otherwise by bringing all your jewels and not keeping a list of what you’ve brought, you could end up losing something. You want this to be a gem of a holiday to remember and not one to forget.

Opportunity to put on your best

Whatever you decide to wear, remember going on holiday is a great opportunity to put on your best clothes and really push the boat out.  You don’t even have to spend any money. There’s no need to impress, unless you really want to. You might want to try something on you haven’t put on for years and see if it still works for – experiment a little.

There might be some bits of jewellery in the cabinet drawer that hasn’t seen the light of day for years. I remember my wife putting on some earrings that I bought her before we even got married. It brought back some great memories. Let us know what you like to wear in the comments section below.



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