What to take on an aeroplane

Have you got everything packed to take on the plane? We’re ready for take off!

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YOU ARE in a rush and everything’s packed but have you put stuff in your suitcase that you might need to use on the plane? Should it not have gone in hand luggage? Where’s that book you had every intention of reading on the plane. Don’t tell me. I buried it in with my beach stuff. Well, let’s get it right this time. Here a list of some of the essentials that might come in handy during a flight to your dream destination.

Good crime novel essential

Nothing beats a good book on the plane, but make sure it’s got nothing to do with airplane hijackings, planes falling out of the sky, or planes getting shot down by terrorists. What you want is a good crime story to get you while away the hours. I would recommend one of my favourite authors, Robert Bryndza, and his book Dark Water, which is well worth a read. His other books are equally as thrilling: Deadly Secrets, Cold Blood, Last Breath and The Night Stalker. But there’s a whole host of other crime writers to consider: Rachel Lynch, Mark Dawson, Chris Carter and J.M. Dalgliesh.

If you are not up to reading a novel or crime thriller then you can always listen to an audio book on the plane, or ask the air steward to give you a newspaper to read. The in-flight magazine sometimes is a good read and can fill you in on the latest perfumes, bottles of booze and other items you may wish to purchase later. Luckily unlike a previous flight, the book was in my hand luggage with my medications, passport, plane ticket, plus some nice cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches which I had prepared earlier. What you want is hand luggage that meets the requirements of most airlines. For British Airways hand luggage must not exceed 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. A good suitcase would be one with a hard lightweight shell and have wheels.

Money belt or neck wallet to keep your cash safe

Once the trolley comes round with the drinks and goodies, not to mention duty free items, you” be looking for your wallet. Best not to keep it in your pocket in case it falls out or it gets stolen, so a money belt or neck wallet comes in handy. Now you can pay by cash or card within easy reach. Of the two, I would go for the money belt, because a neck wallet makes you look like a tourist and can be more uncomfortable carrying around your neck. You can also fit your mobile phone in a money belt. It’s good to have your passport and other important bits of paperwork like your travel insurance stashed in your hand luggage in case you need to refer to it.

Travel in pillow comfort

If you are like me and can’t sleep on the plane, a travel pillow can come to your rescue. When I did a long 12-hour flight from London to Tokyo,  it was invaluable. Not only was the pillow comfortable and offered me support, it came with ear plugs and an eye  mask.  If it’s an overnight flight you might want to bring a change of underwear, the usual toothbrush and toiletries, and slippers for comfort. Don’t forget to take your pills, medicines and inhalers with you in your hand luggage. You don’t want to be in the situation where your luggage goes missing and you’ve got no medication. Any medical equipment would have to be screened separately and you would need a letter from your doctor or health professional.

Listen to the music of a crooner

Should you get bored of looking at the in-flight movies and chatting to the person sitting next to you, then there is an alternative. A few years ago I was on a flight to Croatia and got myself into the mood listening to this guy’s romantic ballads on my CD. He’s called Oliver Dragojevic. He’s no longer with us but was a bit of a crooner in his day. Even if you can’t understand the language, the music will get you humming and toe-tapping.

Prohibited items on a plane

Lastly, do remember that there are things you can’t take on an aeroplane. Things that are prohibited include items such as fireworks, but less obvious things like matches, lighters and flammable objects. Each airline can supply you with a list.

Have a nice flight

However long or short your flight, the attendants on the plane will look after you and give you the best service they can. But hopefully after reading this page, we can suggest some creature comforts that will make your journey even more better. Have a great holiday. Any comments are welcome.



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