What should you take with you on your honeymoon apart from your partner

I now pronounce you a match made in heaven on honeymoon in paradise

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You’ve just tied the knot in a religious or civil ceremony by making your vows, done your speech at the reception, danced with your partner for life, partied but had to excuse yourself early to get to bed, and are now waking up for the taxi to take you to the airport for your honeymoon destination. So what have you packed? What should you be taking, and what needs to be left behind? There’s always a danger of over-packing or under-packing and leaving something behind. For starters, let’s look at the essentials.

The most important thing to take with you is your newly-married husband or wife. There’s no point in going without them.



Travel Insurance should be a top priority. The Post Office offer a reasonable rate and gets you covered if your suitcase goes missing, the plane is delayed, or if you suffer a medical emergency. Fortunately for me, only a slight delay has caused me problems, but the honeymoon after your wedding is probably the next biggest day of your life.

Don’t leave your passport behind, plane tickets, where’s your debit and credit cards? Have you got some local currency in case the cards don’t work to tide you over? How about those medications you take daily, which you can’t afford to miss? You spill some food on your shirt on the plane, luckily you have another shirt in your hand luggage. If it’s a long flight, and you’ve been drinking champagne and eating lots of different foods, your breath will start to smell. Thank God for that toiletries bag, with toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, deodorant, which makes you look and feel decent.

You notice some great views on the plane and there’s a potential for a few selfies to send home while you’re looking for things to do on the plane. That movie was great, but you’ve seen it twice before.  Therefore, where’s that crime novel you never finished reading. If there’s still time, why not a few shots on the mobile, and some even better ones on the camera, plus, if there’s still an hour to kill, read a newspaper while you charge your camera and your mobile.

board shorts

Items for the groom

Once you’ve arrived at the hotel, it’s time to pack and that’s when you find out what you’ve left on the dining table back home while you were scrambling to find your passport and a few quid to tip the taxi driver. Well, it’s not the end of the world. The hotel can probably help you out, or you can always add a bit of shopping on your first day. Let’s face it, you’re still jet lagged, so the only thing you have to worry about is not missing breakfast. Luckily you have everything you need for going out. A nice shirt, tie, blazer, trousers and shoes, that’s for the romantic meal out tonight. After breakfast it’s just a t-shirt, some shorts and casual shoes plus a backpack in case you need it for any souvenirs you may come across.

Here comes the honeymoon girl

Makeup might be top of the list, plus all the toiletries, some of which you may have to share with your new partner. A nice pair of shoes, complemented by some nice jewellery, not too expensive – I’d leave the engagement ring in the hotel safe. And off to do some sight-seeing.

The beach beckons

The weather might be extremely hot, so you might decide to give the museums and art galleries a miss. Don’t forget to put some sunscreen on to protect yourself. If like me, you come from a country where we don’t get much sun, you will burn quickly.  So, how about going down to the hotel pool to cool off, or making a short trip down to the beach. So the checklist for that being: t-shirt, shorts, hat, sunglasses, swimming gear, towels, sun cream, shampoo, soap, comb or brush and flip-flops.

Out and about in comfortable shoes

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, I would recommend that while out walking, you’ll need a pair of comfortable shoes, particularly if you hit the cobbled streets. The weather could turn, so you might put in your backpack some warm clothes like a sweater or raincoat, particularly in the evening. If you have a map or are using your mobile to get around, then a pair of reading glasses could come in handy. If there’s too much to do and not enough time to sit in a cafe, sandwiches need to be prepared beforehand. And last of all, a camera to capture all those lovely memories.

Ready for action?

After a gruelling day of sightseeing you might just collapse on your bed. If it’s your first night, you might be forgiven for forgetting to pack your pajamas.  Your partner, may have saved the day, by bringing with her some sexy lingerie to spice things up a bit.

Life’s necessities

In case of an accident, it’s always good to be prepared. A First Aid Kit with plasters, paracetamol and antibiotic ointment will always be a lifesaver. If you’re in a good hotel, you may find that shampoo, soap, and shower cap will be provided for free, but don’t take a chance. Please do your homework.

Have fun and enjoy

Once people know you are on your honeymoon they will bend over backward to help you. And they can be very generous with their hospitality. When I celebrated 25 years of marriage, we spent some time at The Fairmont Hotel by Lake Louise in Canada. When reception found out about our anniversary, we were immediately upgraded, given a free bottle of wine on the house and free boating tickets on the lake. We’ll never forget it and will keep raving on about it. Enjoy your honeymoon, you’ll never forget it!


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