What toothbrush do I take on holiday?

One of the main items that you will need on your two-week summer break is a toothbrush. But what type of toothbrush will you take? There are so many options.

The obvious one to consider is the travel-sized toothbrush and with it a small tube of toothpaste. You can also look at taking with you toothpaste tablets to save space.

Manual or electric is the choice you have to make

If you go for a manual toothbrush they are more affordable, lightweight, and require no batteries or charging. They are good for short trips or if you prefer a simple routine.

An electric toothbrush provides a deeper clean and can be more effective for removing plaque. However, they are bulkier, require batteries or charging, and can be more expensive. If you are going to countries with different electric plugs, they can cause a problem.

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You can also get foldable toothbrushes which take up less space, and ones that are labelled as special for travelling. These have a built-in case which protects the brush head and keeps it clean.

Here are some popular travel toothbrushes based on different needs:

  • Best overall: Oral-B Pro-Flex Compact Manual Toothbrush. This one comes with a charging travel case and magnetic pouch and pin plug.
  • Manual toothbrush: OralB ProFlex Compact Manual Toothbrush – set of three compact foldable toothbrushes with mini toothpaste.
  • Best for sensitive teeth: GUM Soft Travel Toothbrush – a six-pack with 20,000 soft floss bristles –  using ultra-soft Japanese technology.  
  • Best foldable: RADIUS Tour Travel Brush – has slim line neck for easy easy reach in tight spaces and soft massaging bristles to help invigorate gum tissue for reduced chances of bleeding/receding gums and enamel erosion.
  • Best eco-friendly: The Humble Adult Brush with medium bristles, comes in purple. Very eco friendly, comes in sustainable grown bamboo.
  • Toothpaste tablets: SuperBee Dentos 150 toothpaste tabs, fluoride free and eco-friendly. The tabs act as mouthwash tablets. They are both chewable and have a spearmint flavour. They are good for adults and children.

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What is the number 1 toothpaste recommended by dentists?

Consumer Experience
Category Toothpaste Product
Best for General Use Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste
Best for Sensitive Teeth Sensodyne ProNamel Toothpaste
Best for Whitening Tom’s of Maine Simply White Natural Fluoride Toothpaste
Best for Natural Pick The Natural Dentist All In One SLS FREE Aloe Toothpaste



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