Which airliner offers you the best baggage allowance in town?

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Do you like dragging lots of suitcases to the airport? I don’t. Nowadays airlines have made it easy for you.

If you bring more than 25kg then you have to pay a charge. These days there is an emphasis on taking hand luggage. And as many trips are short breaks, who needs loads of luggage.

I’m done with spending a day filling up a large suitcase full of clothes, half of which I will probably not wear.

Cheap flight but extras can cost

You could go for a cheap flight but baggage extras might not be included. A more expensive flight with no baggage allowances might be your better option.

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Look out for these three when travelling…

If you are travelling, look out for these three airlines, which offer you the best luggage allowance: Emirates, Qatar and Etihad. Emirates provides a 25kg allowance to many destinations with the Saver ticket, Qatar offers 25kg with its Economy Classic and Etihad generally allows 23kg in one bag on economy fares. When going long-haul, always check with the airliner you are travelling with. Otherwise you will face an excess baggage charge.

Paid checked bags offer good rates

For paid checked bags, EasyJet and Jet2, offer very good rates. These start at £6.99 and £8 respectively. Many airlines charge you per-kg, they range from 10kg to 30kg.

Hand luggage is what you want

In 2019 low-cost airlines introduced hand luggage. This has helped to cut the cost of air travel. Many people travelling on short trips have taken advantage of this service.

Airlines want to keep costs down

We all want to pay less when travelling and airlines want to keep their costs down. The heavier the plane, the more fuel it consumes. Therefore, we have to be respectful, and accept these extra charges, if we turn up at the airport carrying tons of luggage.

Check with each airliner before buying your tickets

Every airliner is different. For British Airways the standard checked baggage allowance is 23kg per bag. How many checked bags you’re allowed will depend on your booking, cabin class and Executive Club Tier status. All tickets on British Airways, BA Cityflyer and BA Euroflyer include a cabin bag and hand bag.

Go online before you arrive at your busy airport

Therefore, the best advice to give is to check the weight of your luggage and not add to it. And then put a call in to check your allowance. You can also go online before you arrive and pre-book any extra bags.

Here’s a list of tips to keep your luggage:
  • Choose the right bag or luggage
  • Maximise your hand luggage allowance
  • Use packing cubes
  • Roll your clothes
  • Limit your liquids
  • Choose the right toiletries
  • Coordinate your clothing
  • Only bring two pairs of shoes
  • Pack for a week
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