Three of the best walking sticks

Walking sticks come in all shapes and sizes. Often it can be difficult to know which one to buy. Do you need one to help you walk around the block? Are you going hiking?

A good walking stick will give you comfort, stability, and offer added safety. If you are a bit wobbly on your feet, you need support and balance to prevent you from falling and getting further injuries.

Anything that can take pressure away from your knees, ankles and knees is also to be welcomed.

With the right walking stick you will become more confident when out and about, and hopefully your body will get the exercise that it needs.

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There are different types of walking sticks to consider:

  • Wooden walking sticks are very popular

  • Aluminium walking sticks are very lightweight

  • Walking sticks you can fold

  • Wooden walking sticks are very popular  as they are strong, hard-wearing and can be cut to size. They are usually made from ash, oak, hazel and chestnut and come in various colours. A good stick will be coated with waterproof paint and will be able to resist outdoor humidity.  The one pictured above right has soft fibre ropes  which can absorb hand sweat and a small white compass in case you get lost in the forest. Its extended length is 120cm and is in three pieces. A tip is not to cut them yourself – but if you do – measure twice and cut once.
  • Aluminium walking sticks are very lightweight, but still very strong. Many of them have a telescopic look about them and are adjustable at a push of a button. This silver one pictured with a man is 96.5cm when extended, with 10 adjustable height levels starting at 61cm. Its grip has been ergonomically designed so that it is non-slip, and you can hold it easily with the palm of your hand. It is a perfect gift for the elderly and disabled.
  • Walking sticks you can fold are great for those people that don’t need to use them all the time. Folding sticks are generally made from aluminium and can be broken down into four or five sections. Dr Bone’s Therapeutics mobility cane has rubber slip resistant tip making a very strong hold on wet surfaces and very difficult to slip. It is 33-37 inches long and can be folded away very easily without being noticed. Pictured right, it has a gel handle which allows for a strong hold on the stick. 


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